What’s Next for Missy Homemaker?

I’ve been contemplating this a lot lately. I really love this little blog. I love seeing the familiar faces pop up in the comments. I love hearing from people on my FB page and seeing you all like me on Twitter.

But I have a problem, and it’s a biggie.

I STILL don’t have internet.

Why on God’s green earth can we spend billions and trillions of dollars perfecting a spying system that can identify people in their backyards from space (What? Have you never seen Google Maps? I can practically read my license plate on there.) but we can’t seem to get reliable affordable internet two miles from a major interstate and 5.5 miles from the nearest town?


Seriously people. Priorities.

So there’s that, and then there’s the fact that I’m not really the same homemaker I was a year ago when I started this blog.

I have evolved, yo.

I’ve gone from a homeschooling, renting, city dwelling, SAHM to a daycare providing, home owning, homesteading, sour dough bread baking, WAHM (work at home mom), hippie type…and I LOVE it!

These days, I’m spending more of my time feeding chickens (we have 12 laying hens) and weeding gardens (we have 4 now!) than researching homeschool curriculum and looking for educational things to do with the kids.

So my question to the 40 or so people who have stuck by me is:

If I begin talking more about the life we’re leading now, will you still read my blog?

Will you help me create a new tag-line that will tie in Missy Homemaker with homesteading?

I’ve seriously thought about starting a new blog, but that doesn’t appeal to me at all. I spent my entire summer last year getting this one started and building a readership, and I have no desire to do that again.

What I feel will be my plan from here on out is to schedule 2 or 3 posts a week continuing to do my internet work at the library. I’ll moderate from my phone as much as I can (although that reception is so poor that some days data is non-existent). I’ll continue to write about the things I enjoy with my content naturally moving towards the things in my life now.

Above all, I still strive to blog with integrity.

I have loved writing to you all so very much this last year. What a great documentary of our lives this has been.

Thank you all for riding the Crazy Train with me. Here’s to a few more years!

And as an extra bonus…here’s a photo of one of our peonies…before the ridiculously horrible thunderstorms ripped them to shreds :)


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