Types of Floor Finishes for Concrete

Concrete is a durable material that is common used for floors in areas that see a lot of traffic or a lot of industrial use, such as gyms and garages. If you want to put a different spin on your boring gray concrete flooring, there are many concrete floor finishes you can choose from. Each finish will provide you with a different look and feel so that you can design the rest of the space around it.

Broom Finish
If you want to add some texture to your concrete floor, a broom finish will be able to give you the flexibility to add both texture and color to the floor. Using a specialized broom tool, the flooring can have a number of different designs that create an anti-slip texture to the floor. While this process is taking place, color can be added to the broom in order to give the floor a multi-colored design.

Stamped Finish
A stamped finish can give you a high-end look without having to spend a lot of money on different materials, and this is often the most maintenance-free type of concrete finish. The stamping process for concrete can include the use of color, texture and a range of finishes to get the look your desire. However, stamped finishes on concrete should be completed by a highly skilled professional to get the right look.

Stained Finish
One of the most popular concrete options is a simple stain. The stain is often used to give a more natural look to the concrete so that it looks like a true stone finish. When it comes to staining there are two options: acid-based and water-based. If you choose an acid-based stain for your floor, you will get a look that provides dimension and variety in the color of your floor. If you choose a water-based stain, you will get a uniform color and look that can stand as a neutral floor to a clean overall room design.

No matter what type of finish you choose for your concrete floor, it is important to bring in professionals that can give you all of your options and provide you with a professional look to any of your concrete floors.