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Top 3 Furniture Pieces that Can Set the Pace for Designing Your Home

When designing the interior of your home, it does not always need to start with having a theme in mind and finding the bits and pieces to tie it all together. We do not always know what we want and the search for an interior designer who just gets it is not always fruitful.

If you do not have a clear vision, you might consider working with what you have. Large pieces that you are particularly attached to can help in designing your home. If you do not have pieces to work with, visit this website and find pieces you like. Afterwards, deconstruct the elements of the piece: What is the colour? What is the texture? What style or era is it apart of? After you answer these questions, you will be a step closer to figuring out how to style your room.

The sofa in the living room 

When selecting a sofa, you take into account the size of the room and the open space you want people to be able to access. You can divide the room with a corner sofa, but instead of flushing it against the wall, you can do the reverse and cut of the space even without a wall. Sofas are also one of the more frequently used furniture items, so keeping it comfortable is another key aspect.

Once you have found the sofa that fits the room well and is comfortable, chances are you have found one you absolutely love regardless of the style. Match the colours as well as you can, for a more cohesive look select complementary colours. A dark brown leather sofa goes well with a dark hardwood coffee table. Or if you are looking for something more vibrant, consider a brightly coloured couch and select muted or neutral pieces for the rest of the room. A bright red couch goes well with white walls and a clear glass coffee table.

The cabinets in the kitchen 

Furniture is not just limited to pieces you move around. If you live in a dated home, you might want to work around the vintage pieces. The style of cabinets might be simple but has a history based on the wood carving and hardware. Use them as markers to dress up or dress down your kitchen. If the style was meant to be quirky with miniature forks and spoons as handles, you can have a variety of novelty kitchen items to carry on the fun food theme. If there are heavy embellishments and scroll hardware, then go for darker colours and try for a more elegant look.

Styling your interior is essential in creating a good living environment. It doesn’t require fancy touches to make it work. Whether you like to play the colours safe or not, whether you have the furniture on hand or not—you can always mix and match to find your happy middle ground.

Image: Pixabay.com