Small space hacks to help maximise living spaces

Living in a metropolis like Mumbai comes with one distinct disadvantage, of all the things, space here comes at a premium. As the urban population keeps increasing, people in the market for a new home are faced with two options, to move to the fringes of the city for a bigger home, or to contend with a smaller living space closer to the city’s beating heart. Most of us would choose the latter and as such a smaller space is what more and more the norm these days. So here are a few small space hacks to help maximize your living space.

Use mirrors: Mirrors always give any space the illusion of depth and scale. A mirror on the walls will give the impression and illusion of more space and help light the room better, while reflecting heat in the winters, which will also help keep the room snug.

Larger window frames: If possible, request your builder to give you larger, almost ceiling to floor window frames as these faux French windows allow in more light, and are extremely classy. More light helps really liven up the space and gives your room a depth it never had.

Multipurpose furniture: Human beings are masters of adaptation. And in the pursuit of maximizing tiny living spaces we’ve innovated with multipurpose furniture. For instance an elevated bed with storage at the bottom and a foldout table will really add value and oodles of space to a tiny living cum bedroom area. A sofa cum bed which folds in during the day also helps, so does a Murphy bed that can be folded into the wall, in order to free up floor space during the day.

Mezzanine levels: A mezzanine level is an excellent solution for both a living and sleeping space, especially if you have high ceilings. In many cases mezzanine levels can act as an independent room altogether.

Recycle: From paper, to glass, to metal, recycle and declutter every possible nook and cranny of your apartment. Buy goods in containers that can be upcycled in order to decrease your carbon footprint and the necessity for more utensils and containers.

Smart storage: Invest in tech for storage, for instance a flat screen plasma TV that can be mechanized so as to slip away discreetly once you’re done using it. Or cupboards that can be expanded vertically by simply affixing individual shelves based on your storage needs etc.

Wall hooks: A series of hooks on walls can really help with clothes in use, hats, and can also in kitchens be used to hang mugs, plates and utensils.

Versatile bedside furniture: Explore the world of versatile bedside furniture where side tables can convert into table safes. Slim table tops can double up as headboards and even breakfast in bed style tables with stands.

Low is the way to go: Abandon couches and sofas and embrace the baithak style of floor seating. Think low bedding style seating in common areas and similarly low tables. This makes the room seem a lot larger and intimate.

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