Never Underestimate the Versatility of Chickpeas


The chickpea may not seem like much. You may pass them in the grocery store week in and week out, never giving them a second thought. Well, now’s the time to entertain them. For one thing, chickpeas are incredibly good for you, and very filling: A cup of chickpeas packs as many as 15 grams of protein! That’s incredible, especially for vegans and vegetarians who crave new ways to stay full. Plus, you can get a single can of chickpeas for next to nothing, and create any number of different dishes with it.

Maybe that’s the surprising thing about chickpeas: They’re incredibly versatile. Perhaps you cannot name a single chickpea dish off the top of your head—but just you wait. We’ll show you just how much you can do with a simple can of chickpeas.

All the Ways to Enjoy Chickpeas

Just consider some of the many ways you can prepare chickpeas:

Roast ‘em. One of the easiest things you can do is toss them into the skillet with some olive oil and a few other veggies, or even fruits; one time-honored concoction is roast chickpeas with fennel, bell peppers, and red grapes.

Put them in a salad. Here’s a beloved vegan Caesar salad recipe: A traditional salad with chickpeas and sliced avocado thrown on top. It’s delicious—and oh so filling, the chickpeas offering protein and the avocado providing healthy fat.

Roll ‘em into a patty. Chickpeas can make great building material for a great vegetarian burger patty. Put a burger on the grill and make some baked fries to serve alongside it!

Use then in grain-free dessert. Believe it or not, there are many flourless dessert recipes that use chickpeas instead of traditional gluten and grains; try a chickpea blondie with chocolate chips, for instance!

Make a sandwich. One option: A chickpea, blue cheese, and grape salad, served on a bakery-style bun with tomato and lettuce. Yum!

Serve ‘em on toast. Try a rosemary mushroom ragout served over a nice, crunchy slice of toasted bread.

Don’t forget the obvious one. Of course, falafel is the dish most commonly associated with chickpeas—and one you’re going to want to sink your teeth into, if you haven’t already! A close second place: Hummus, another chickpea dish that many American diners are pretty familiar with.

The bottom line: Chickpeas are affordable. They’re easy to get. They’re good for you. And there are so many tasty ways in which you can use them. Have you made chickpeas a staple of your diet? If not, there’s no time like the present. Certainly, you’ve got a lot of options for how you want to prepare and consume them!

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