Make Your Garage a Showstopper

Who said that your garage is only for your car? Just because all of your neighbors have garages filled with dust, dirty tools and even piles of garbage does not mean that yours has to be the same. Think outside of the box and create an unbelievably beautiful or useful room out of this formerly plain space.

Use It as a Game Room
A game room can be as easy or as impressive as you want. A cozy rug thrown on the floor, some bean bag chairs and a shelf with board games can create a retreat for your family. To step it up, consider adding a foosball table, pool table, and a television with video games for a room that all of your adult friends will clamor to use.

Display Your Vehicle
It can be easy to turn your formerly utilitarian garage into a display area for your collectible car or motorcycle. Choose maintenance-free floor coverings for concrete floor to make the area look like a showroom, and add some fun lighting to set off your vehicle.

Create a Craft Zone
Because garages do not come with the same prerequisites for cleanliness that your home has, you may want to use this area for your hobby. Whether you love to paint, sew, woodwork or scrapbook, your garage can be a great place to spread out and get messy. Sometimes, a few storage cabinets, a large table and a workbench are all that you need. Always be sure to insulate your garage well if you live in a colder climate and plan to use this area during the winter.

Add a Home Gym
If you never have time to head to the gym and are looking for a good place to work out at home, put your garage to work. Install a television with Internet access to stream your favorite workouts, and add a weight bench, treadmill, workout mats, balance ball and other favorite gear.

The ideas for your garage are endless if you are up for a bit of a challenge and have the time and budget to refit your garage. Whether you want a comfy room for relaxing, a big space for exciting parties or a zone for your favorite hobbies, your garage may be the one room you are overlooking. Make your space work for you with one of these four ideas.