care givers

Jobs for natural care-givers

Some people are just born to look after others, and if you find you are the one your friends and family turn to when they need to be comforted, you may want to think about using your natural care-giving talents to find a career. There are many ways to discover which career is perfect for you, and although basing them on an instinct to look after others may be unorthodox, it shouldn’t be dismissed. An innate need to care for others is a necessity in many roles, and coupled with the right training and education, can lead to a lucrative and satisfying career. Check out these top jobs for natural care-givers and discover the ideal role for you.


Nurses are renowned for offering more than just medical attention, and are associated with giving personal care and attention to those in need. Nurses are found in many different environments, from hospitals and medical centres, to war zones. Although being a natural care-giver helps with this occupation, you will also need to be able to detach somewhat from the patients so your personal feelings don’t hinder your role. Patients appreciate the personal touch a nurse can give and if you are able to combine this degree of care with medical knowledge and professionalism, you could be a very successful nurse. 

Occupational therapist

Much like a nurse, an occupational therapist need to show some degree of empathy towards patients and be more than merely a member of medical staff. You will be helping patients perform everyday tasks, and can be responsible for building not only their physical strength but also their emotional strength after an accident or life-changing incident. Should you be interested in this role, it is worth researching the Top Ranked Occupational Therapy Programs to ensure you receive the best training possible.


Many believe being ordained as a priest is a vocation, and it may be that your caring nature leads you to this particular role. A priest is an important part of the Catholic community and is more than merely a religious figure, that leads Mass. Members of a congregation will often turn to their priest for advice, trusting him with intimate details of their personal life. Being a priest is by no means a lucrative career, but it is an occupation that could see you assisting generations of church goers in your community. To become a priest, you will need to be a devote Catholic and will enter a seminary where it may take several years of educational training before you become a priest. 


If you aren’t quite ready for children of your own, but you absolutely adore caring for children, securing a role as a nanny would be a satisfying move. Being a live-in nanny means you will save money on accommodation, and transport costs, and some families even give the nanny their own car while working for them. However, if you value your personal space you may want to think about being a visiting nanny rather than living with the family, keeping your work and personal life entirely separate.