How To Take Care of Freshly Laid Sod

As a homeowner, it’s exciting to see those improbably tidy bundles of St. Augustine sod Jacksonville FL roll out to cover your barren lawn in a fresh, green carpet. You’re probably excited and impatient to see how your lawn will look as the different segments of sod become indistinguishable from one another as the grass takes root and starts growing in naturally.

However, don’t get so lost in admiration that you fail to take the necessary steps to care for your lawn after laying sod. Those fresh green blades are delicate and could die off quickly if they don’t receive the proper treatment. Protect your investment as well as your lawn’s aesthetics by following these tips to take a proactive stance toward your lawn care.

1. Follow Watering Guidelines

Sod requires more watering for the first few days after it is installed, followed by a gradual decrease in the weeks immediately after that, according to a very specific schedule. This schedule varies somewhat depending upon whether the weather was warm or cool when you laid the sod.

2. Check for Signs of Fungus or Other Disease

While your sod needs to be watered more often immediately after installation, all that moisture could promote the growth of fungus, which can sicken your grass. Symptoms vary based on the fungus involved but include changes in color, splitting of blades, and appearance of a dusty-looking substance covering the grass. If you see any of these symptoms, hold off watering your sod for one day and apply a spray or granular fungicide product as soon as possible.

3. Fertilize Your Lawn

Freshly laid sod needs to be fertilized within two weeks of installation, and then once a month thereafter. Be sure to use organic fertilizer, as a chemical product could result in burnt sod. If you don’t have a seed spreader, you can rake the fertilizer into the sod after spreading it by hand.

4. Mow Properly

You should maintain your grass at a height of about 2 inches tall, but do not cut more than one-half of an inch during each mowing. The first time you should mow your sod is two weeks after installation, but only after the grass has attained a height of at least 4 inches. There is no set schedule for mowing after that.

A lawn freshly laid with sod is full of potential. However, you can only realize it through diligent care and patience.