How to Prepare for a Family Hiking

Mountain climbing is an activity carried out for leisure or as a hobby activity. It may involve trekking, rock climbing or hiking. This is an activity that can be carried out by both parents and children during school vacation. Make sure to do a research on the hiking trail that you want. Below are tips on how to prepare for a hiking.

Warm up

Whether scaling up Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro, Mt ras dashen, Mt. Kenya or Mt. Rainier steady training is paramount. This will require one to climb small hills, walk for a long distance, morning jogging and other activities that enhance physical fitness. Ideally, this should be done on a rough terrain so as to enhance balance and stability that will help to avoid skidding on the hiking day.

Pack the Right Clothing

Sometimes the weather may not be predictable and since it is assumed that the temperatures are very low and it is also scientifically proven that, the higher you go the cooler it becomes. It’s advisable to carry all weather clothes but make your bag as light as possible. Ensure all your clothes are well fitting to avoid the discomfort that comes with tight clothing.

Pack Enough Food and Water

Ensure you pack energy-dense food and Nutrient-dense food since they provide a high percentage of fiber that retains water in the body, vitamins & Minerals respectively. Powdered food is also recommended since they are non-perishable. One can also consider carrying cooking gear since it makes it more fun cooking in the open. Also remember to carry some light snacks like chocolate, sweets or peanuts that can keep you busy on your way up.

Pack Right Equipment

To ensure that you have an easy and safe climbing, have a professionally assemble kit. The kit should contain but not limited to ascenders, quickdraws, slings, ropes, gloves, and harnesses. For shelter, purposes remember to pack a quality, waterproof and portable my family tent and blankets. First Aid Kit is also an important gadget to carry in case of any emergencies.

Mental Well Being

Mental preparedness is important especially for children since positive thinking goes hand in hand with physical fitness. If children are not well prepared for what to expect it might end up being unsuccessful hiking or mounting climbing since it is usually a rigorous process.

 A Plan or Schedule of Activities

Planning ahead is important because it helps in saving time and ensuring all intended activities are carried out. Strict time should be set for every activity be it cooking, eating, hiking or sleeping and in case the scheduled time lapses before the activity is complete, step to the next activity so as to ensure you are operating within the schedule.


The above are some of the tips on how to prepare for a family mountain climbing, there are more others not discussed since the list cannot be exhausted, but if you can apply a few that are discussed above, it can make your hiking enjoyable and fun for the whole family.