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Hello and welcome to Missy Homemaker!

My name is Missy, and I’m the wife to J, the mama to Jeremy, Punkin, Sweet Pea, and Peanut, and stepmama to my husband’s beautiful daughter and  handsome son.

I’m a stay at home mom and a holistic health coach. M-Powered Lifestyles has been my part-time gig for the last couple of years. I LOVE helping women realize their power and their ability to heal themselves.

In January 2013, our family moved from our much beloved little town in Iowa to a Central Illinois city for my husband’s job. It was during the 18 months we were there that Missy Homemaker was born.

Missy Homemaker became the outlet for the joys and frustrations of being a stay at home, homeschooling mom. But in time, Missy Homemaker evolved. Now, it’s changing yet again.

In April 2014 we realized our dream of purchasing an old farmhouse on an acreage (a small one, but it’s an acreage!) when my husband was transferred back to Iowa.

This acreage is allowing us to realize another dream (mainly of mine)…the dream of having a homestead.

What’s a homestead you ask? It’s absolutely up for interpretation as a homestead can be a thousand acre cattle ranch or a quarter acre lot in the city. Our homestead is 2.43 acres where we can plant a garden, orchard, berry and asparagus patches as well as raise rabbits, chickens, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Missy Homemaker will still have stories of Peanut and his hilariousness and the challenges and joys of being a mom to four boys, but it will be so much more.

I want to give you a sideline seat as we begin our homesteading journey–how we garden and preserve our own food in order to eat healthier and save money too, the projects we take on, how we prepare for those wicked Iowa winter storms, and how we make this new place ‘ours’.

Grab a mason jar full of iced tea or a cold beer out of the frig and join us around the fire pit. We sure are glad you’re here!


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