Hire a Service and Help a Cause

What if you were able to hire a necessary service like a plumber to do all the plumbing work in your home and help a worthy cause in the process? There are professional home repair, remodeling, home supply and other companies out there that will donate a portion of their incoming profits to help worthy causes. It pays to look for these companies when you need to have work done in your home, and to be supportive of their efforts.

It’s heartwarming to realize that you can have your drains cleaned, water heater repaired, faucets and sinks fixed and unplugged, have leaks fixed and fixtures like toilets installed and help a good cause along the way. There is a Clearwater plumbing company that helps the cause of fighting breast cancer with every service call they make to area homes to take care of plumbing issues.

Finding Companies that Help Great Organizations

A simple search for companies that donate profits to charity can yield good results that give you the names and phone numbers of companies you might want to choose to do business with in the future. Some companies donate a portion of their profits, others make straightforward donations, match employee donations, or they donate time, products or services to these worthy causes. Some companies even enlist volunteers from within their organization to help out.

As consumers, we might not always realize the impact we can have just by making good choices about who we do business with. When you feel strongly about helping a certain cause, it can really pay to choose a company that donates to that cause. Not only are you getting the reliable service you need for your home like plumbing services, you’re also able to make a difference. In this way, you’re using money you planned to use to pay for services anyway to multi-task!

A Variety of Worthy Causes

The types of causes you may be able to help include children’s charities, research for diseases like breast cancer, educational causes, and charities that help in the community to fight things like homelessness and hunger. You can have a powerful impact as a consumer of common everyday goods and services, simply by carefully and thoughtfully choosing the businesses you hire.

Selecting a business with a philosophy of philanthropy can turn out to be a really good decision. You get the service you need, whether that’s fixing your plumbing, repairing sewer lines, installing or repairing toilets, troubleshooting and repairing things like water heaters and cleaning and unplugging drains. You’ll also feel great knowing that part of what you paid for your service is going to help a worthy cause!

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