Happy Birthday Peanut!

Yesterday, the Peanut that you all know and love turned 6.

Where has this time gone? I’m tearing up just thinking about how much Peanut has grown and how rich he’s made our lives.

I know he totally changed mine and for the better.

Before Peanut, Big Daddy and I had what we thought was the perfect life. He had his two kids, and I had my three kids. We didn’t plan on having any together. My youngest was 5 and his youngest was 10.

We each had really good jobs that provided us with a comfortable living. Every other weekend was kidless, so we spent our free time riding our Harleys (Yep-I had my own, and I loved every single minute of it.) and planning our upcoming Wedding invitations.

Sometimes life throws you curve balls that none of the best laid plans can account for, and Peanut was one of those curve balls. It was a huge surprise to find out I was expecting (I call him our Little Medical Miracle), but the minute the shock wore off (after several days really), we were so excited to meet this little one.

Peanut is the glue that holds this family together…our big, crazy, very diverse family. No longer are the kids ‘his’ kids and ‘my’ kids, they’re our kids and Peanut is what bonded that.


We joke that we’re grateful for Peanut because now there’s someone who’s bound by blood to take care of both of us when we’re old. In reality, it’s so much more than that. Peanut gave us both a second chance at being parents to a little one. He made us rethink the direction our lives were headed and our existence went from one of material pursuits to one of meaningful action.

I became a stay-at-home mom because of Peanut, and because I stay at home, Big D was able to pursue a different career route than he’d intended. Because he was able to do that, I’m now able to homeschool the kids.

Peanut has taught me so very much. He’s taught me about slowing down (making blanket forts in the living room), appreciating the little things (laying a blanket out on the grass, reading a book together in the shade, and watching the birds at the feeder), and finding the joy in my every day.

He made me reevaluate what was really important to me, and changed the entire way I viewed ‘success’. My definition of ‘living a good life’ has also greatly changed.

Every year as Peanut passes his birthday, I’m reminded of the circumstances around his birth. He was three weeks early, distressed, small, and born not breathing. When he made his miraculous rebound, I knew this boy was destined for something great.  Nothing over the last 6 years has made me change my thoughts on that.

Happy Birthday Peanut! Thank you for being so smart and funny, for showing and telling me you love me every single day, and for simply being you.

Wasn’t he just the cutest thing ever?

Happy Birthday Peanut! I love you to the moon and back <3

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