Fun Ways to Keep the Kids Busy During a Summer Camping Trip

While it may seem like a camping trip is exciting for kids and is enough to keep them busy and entertained, in reality that’s not always the case. With camping trips there can be a fair amount of downtime and since there’s no TV in sight, it can be a bit trying with kids. The last thing parents want to listen to while on a camping trip are those two dreaded words of “I’m bored” which means you may want to think ahead and be prepared for those moments.

Here are some fun ways you can keep the kids busy, entertained, and happy on your summer camping trip. What this means is more time for the adults to relax and enjoy themselves.

Bring Along a Magic Kit

What kid doesn’t love magic, and hey while we’re at it, what adult doesn’t love magic tricks? There is just something so entertaining and engaging about watching someone perform magic tricks, and it is always good for a smile. Of course, learning magic tricks is something that takes time and practice, and what better place to do it than on your camping trip without all the distractions of home?

There are all kinds of fun magic starter kits meant for kids, or you can pick up individual tricks that they can learn to master. You may want to plan ahead and print out instructions for popular tricks. The Rebel Magic website is a great source for instructions on a variety of cool tricks.

Catch Up on a Summer Reading List

Camping is also a great opportunity for the kids to catch up on their summer reading list. Bring a few books along or, better yet, books in a series so they can really get into the storyline. Again, it’s about having that quiet time without distractions that makes activities such as reading perfect.

Explore Nature Together

If you’re feeling energetic, then a family hike through the woods is a great way to get a little exercise, burn off energy, and keep everyone happy and busy. Keeping the kids busy and active during the day will also help to ensure they sleep well at night. If you do plan on hiking, you can also pack explorer sets for the kids that contain a magnifying glass, a bug catcher jar, a butterfly net, and binoculars.

Pack Sports Equipment

If you know the area you will be camping in has a lot of open space around it, then you can also pack things such as badminton, a baseball bat/glove/and ball, a soccer ball, football, etc. These sports activities are a great way to run around and have some fun.

Get Them to Help with Cooking and Cleaning

There is usually a lot to do on a campsite to keep it organized and ensure everyone gets fed. If your kids are old enough, they can also take part in the chores such as food preparation, cooking, and cleaning.

Being prepared for those moments of boredom will ensure that they are few and far between, and also help to ensure that everyone has a great trip.