Frustration-Free Shoe Tying with Magic Fingers

Kids learning to tie their shoes… it’s a big deal. For some parents, it may be a bittersweet time, but for others, like me, who have been tying someone’s shoes for the last 16 years (almost), it’s one more step towards independent kids. It’s beautiful.

My oldest three boys were taught to tie their shoes by their dad, so when it came time to teach Peanut, I wasn’t sure where to begin. He wasn’t at all interested in learning either.

Well, this not being my first rodeo, I’ve learned not to push the issue until he was more interested.

Except he never got more interested.

Knowing that there’s a 95% chance that Peanut will be going to public school next fall, I knew that we had to get going on this. The boy’s teacher was NOT going to appreciate him asking her to tie his shoes all day long.

A couple of days ago, I laid down the law. “Peanut,” I announced, “you have only 10 shoe ties left from me, so you’d better get interested in learning how to tie them yourself.” His brothers were instructed to give him only 5 shoe ties.

Punkin helped Peanut out by making a tying shoes practice box. He took an empty tissue box, punched holes along each side, and threaded a long, thick shoelace through them.

Then, we introduced him to our secret weapon…The Magic Fingers Method of tying shoes. While it took my other children a week or two (or maybe longer. I’m old and my memory isn’t so good anymore.) to learn to tie their shoes proficiently, it took Peanut less than 20 minutes total over two days.

The best part of this method is that the laces stay tied, and did I mention it was easy?? Go now. Save days of your life by learning this and teaching your children this method. Even Punkin has now switched to tying his shoes this way.

So see? All the cool kids are doing it.

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