DIY Ways to Remove Ugly Stains and Algae from Your Roof

While you may spend time in the spring and summer weeding your lawn, planting new flowers and cleaning off your siding, you probably don’t give as much thought to your roof. As spring arrives, birds and other small animals build nests in your gutters. Those animals may bring along seeds that sprout up and begin growing across your roof. Whether you notice ugly stains on your shingles or tiles, see patches of algae or even find that ivy grows wild, you can still use some DIY methods to clean your roof.

Chlorine Based Products

Professionals use chlorine based products to kill plants and vegetation growing on your roof. A high concentration of chlorine or bleach can cause significant damage to your home. It can stain the roof, eat away patches of your shingles, disintegrate tiles and kill plants growing near your home when the liquid runs off the roof. The biggest benefit of these products is that a small amount can completely kill all plants on the roof down to the root line. If you decide to use bleach or a similar product, make sure that you mix it according to the guidelines on the package and use lots of fresh water to dilute the chemicals.

Water Alone

Going green is so hot right now that some roofers and contractors now use water alone. As long as you have a hose long enough to reach your roof, you can use this method too. You generally want to use a hose with a spray attachment, which lets you direct the water to all parts of the roof. The high speed of the water helps break up any vegetation on the roof, and that pressure does a good job of pushing debris off the roof too. Always make sure you wear the proper safety gear to prevent slips and falls while working on the roof.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is yet another method you can use to clean your roof. This involves using a high speed washer that has more pressure than an ordinary garden hose. Be careful not to use too much pressure, which can knock the tiles or shingles off your roof. If you have any concerns about doing the job yourself, or you worry that you might damage your roof deck system, hire a contractor to clean your roof this spring.

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