Disclosure Policy

Because the Federal Trade Commission has

  • Taken it upon themselves to regulate what a blogger can and can’t post (Isn’t that in direct violation with a little something called the First Amendment??) and because I’m too scared of the $11,000 fine they threaten to impose if I don’t obey
  • Taken the stance that the normal, average woman (Who am I kidding? Most people reading this blog are far from ‘normal’ and are way above average) isn’t bright enough to figure this stuff out on her own

I am hereby disclosing the following:

  1. If you see an ad on this site, I’ve gotten paid for it to be there.
  2. If there is a giveaway, the prize was either donated or given to me for free (like for a review or in exchange for ad space).
  3. If there are affiliate links, and if you purchase anything through those links, you’d better believe I’m receiving some coin.
  4. If I receive something for free to review, and I choose to do so, not only will I let you know I received it for free to review, but you can also rest assured any and all opinions posted about said freebie are mine or that of my family.
  5. Not all products, brands or website mentions are from freebies. Sometimes I just like something and want to pass on the info. It will be noted to make the Feds happy.
  6. If you see a Sponsored Post, that means that I was compensated in some way to review a product, company, or site, and by compensated I mean I was either paid money, money, money, product, or credit.
  7. If and when I do recommend a product, company, brand, website, etc whether from a freebie review or not, it is because my family and/or I have found it to be worthwhile. I would never intentionally steer you wrong. Home girl don’t play that.
  8. The bottom line: I write this blog because I love doing it. My blog isn’t on a free platform. Those costs either need to be recovered via the blog, or be paid for out of my family’s budget.  I’d prefer the first option…so would the other five people I live with.

If you have any questions about this disclosure policy, please feel free to contact me.

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