Difference between electrical and solar water heater system

The difference between electrical and solar water heating systems is that solar water heating systems are powered by the sun whilst the electric water heating systems need to consume electricity to heat the water. The solar panels on your roof will collect energy from the sunlight in the solar thermal collector and turn the sunlight renewable energy into thermal energy to heat your water. In brief, the sun heats up water through the panels on your roof and the warm water is then sent to the hot water tank in your house, which may be located in your loft or a cupboard, giving you hot water to use in your home. It can then be topped up by your primary heating source which will either be your boiler or electric immersion heater until it reaches the required temperature. The solar collectors on your roof are a very low maintenance water heating system and as they are mounted on the roof are not using any useful space in your home.


Choosing the right system for you and your environment


If you choose to just heat your water via electricity, then it can be quite expensive, so the solar panels come into play as they have heated the water significantly so you won’t need to run the boiler or electric immersion heater for very long to get your water to the desired temperature for say a bath or to do the washing up. This is a tried and tested way to reduce your electricity bill and is a modern alternative to relying on electricity or boiler heating alone.

Electric water heating systems, on the other hand, are heating coils placed in your hot water tank and these are powered by electricity, which heats the coil and in doing so heat the water surrounding the coil. This is a traditional method of heating, hot water for homes, but it can be quite expensive. This type of water heating is dependent on an electricity supply to heat the water and if there are power failures you would not be able to heat your water.

Solar Systems – You don’t always need the sun to shine

Unlike when they first came out, solar systems are not solely reliant on the sun shining to produce the energy you need. There are many different solar installers in Perth so you have a wide choice if you decide to go ahead.


Some things to keep in mind


  • Solar water heating systems require clear skies to generate solar energy that can be used to heat water.


  • Today’s modern solar panels are far more efficient and only need a clear sky to be able to generate the energy needed to heat hot water systems.


  • With storage and a backup central heating system from an immersion heater, there is no reason why you cannot have a constant supply of hot water all year round, at reduced energy costs.


  • On very overcast, dull or winter days you would need to rely on the other heating sources to keep your water to the temperatures that you need and expect from your water heating system.


  • Chat things through with an expert before going ahead as they can address any concerns or questions you may have, such as whether they will carry out Solar Repairs in Perth.

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