Choosing The Right Sunscreen

If you’ve been outside for any length of time, then you have probably had a sunburn at some point. While there are people who tend to tan without burning, there is always the risk of getting too red while being in the sun. Before spending time outdoors, look for the best broad spectrum sunscreen so that you are protected.

Vitamin A
Avoid sunscreens that contain large amounts of vitamin A. This is an ideal component in the diet, but if it’s used on the skin, then it can increase the chances of developing skin cancer in the future.

SPF Value
Always look at the SPF value when you’re selecting a sunscreen. Children and those who burn easily should have a higher value than those who can tolerate being in the sun for longer periods of time without as much damage to the skin. A lower SPF value will block about 93% of the sun’s rays from the skin, but an SPF that is at least a 30 will add an extra 4% of protection. This is a big difference if you plan on staying outside for a long time or if you have noticed that you burn in a short amount of time.

If you’ve ever seen someone with a colored nose, then it’s probably because the person has a sunscreen on that contains zinc. This is an ingredient that acts as a physical barrier against the sun. You can apply a sunscreen with zinc all over the body, but if you don’t want others to see the white appearance, then at least consider applying the product to the nose and face as these areas of the body will burn faster than the arms, back and legs.

Smell It
If you notice a fragrance in the sunscreen, avoid making the purchase. Extra chemicals are added to sunscreen so that it smells better, but these chemicals can do more damage to the skin than providing protection. A sunscreen for babies or children will often work better than those intended for adults or those that are for tanning purposes as these products will give the maximum protection available.

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