The BEST birth control for teens…

My husband and I are considering ourselves to be geniuses right now. We’ve discovered the absolute best birth control for teenage boys…


You may recall in this post how my 14 year old wanted a puppy, and I happened to come home with 2 of them.

After a month of being with us, these puppies have grown like weeds! And, like all babies, have required hours and hours of hands-on love and attention sometimes at hours that no human should be awake.

The two oldest boys have taken responsibility for the early, early morning potty outings, and all I can say is…


Hundreds of times they’ve been reminded that human babies require attention just like puppies do, except that human babies, growing more slowly, have prolonged periods of sleepless nights, early morning feedings, and the ever-present diaper changes.

Human babies, I remind them, are worse!

And so far, my plan to use the puppies as examples are working. Jeremy, the 15 year old, has declared, “If puppies are this hard, I am never having children.”

At least until you’re 30, son.

Mission accomplished.

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