Whatever happened to the SAHM going back to work?

Back a couple weeks ago, I wrote about what SAHMs needed to consider before they decided to go back to work. At the time, I had applied for and was waiting to interview for a job with a pretty large corporation.

There were several reasons I wanted to go back to work. I wanted to be able to have extra money to pay everything off early. I also wanted to finally get my career back on track, to live up to the standards I’d set for myself as an educated woman many years ago, and quite frankly, to finally have something that was just mine.

back in work

I interviewed for the position the same day we closed on our house. I felt the interview went very well, and two out of the three managers I interviewed with stated that I did a fine job. But the third… I’m pretty good at reading people, and he just wasn’t into me at all. Perhaps I came off as too confident of my abilities (Some men just don’t appreciate a woman who can hold her own with men). Perhaps he didn’t get the feeling that I’d be a ‘part of the group’ as he kept saying was the key to being successful in the position.

Either way, I didn’t get the position. I was quite stunned as I was more than qualified (with one of the shift managers even telling me that I had more experience than he had in several areas!).

I was bummed because the job paid REALLY well, I would be in an environment that I was comfortable and one that I know I could be very successful in. The extra money was the biggest reason  though. That sure would have been really nice.

If I’m honest with myself, there were things that I was dreading about the job though. The 35 minute commute would really suck come winter especially considering that depending on what line I was working on, I’d have to be there at 3:30 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. And those hours. Ugh. I’ve worked them before, and it’s damn near impossible to have a normal home life when I’m going to bed at 7:00 p.m.

What happens now?

Well, I’m not sure. There are definitely other places I could apply. I could get a part time job in town just to bring in some extra money. I see the YMCA has openings.

Maybe I’ll wait until the kids go back to school and find something then.

Maybe I’ll sell my new truck so that money can be put back in the budget and buy me some time.

Maybe I should talk to my husband about it and ask him his opinion.


What?? No internet?!

Today marks  two weeks that we’ve been on the homestead. More importantly, it marks two weeks that we’ve been without both internet and reliable data services on our cell phones.

Let me tell you…it sucks.

I thought I’d be down with driving into town (it’s only 6 miles to the library after all) a couple times a week to write and do any other online things that need to get done. Oh, naive one…how silly are you?


Going to town requires a few things I don’t necessarily enjoy doing such as…getting dressed and making myself presentable. It also requires planning as the library isn’t open 24/7 like my old internet was. Then there’s the issue of my computer not wanting to connect with the library internet once we’re there. Awesome.

So while I chastise the boys for being so down about not having any internet, inside I’m throwing my own little tantrum.


One would think with the technology available today, there would be reliable rural internet available. One would also think Sprint could get its head out of its behind and create a network that works like they say it does.

But alas, it’s not meant to be.

I did find a solution to the connection problem. I have to be sitting in the room with all the other computers while working on mine. So imagine me, sitting at a library computer open to one thing and my laptop open to WordPress. Nerd-dom fo’ sho.

Let me leave you with this today. We have the most amazing views.