What You Need to Know about Height Adjustable Workstations & Desks

Height adjustable ergonomic workstations & desks are a great way to ensure the health and wellbeing of your staff. Ergonomic workstations & desks that can be adjusted allow the user to sit or stand comfortably at their desk and are a great alternative to having to sit all day. They can also help minimise serious health problems such as wrist and arm pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, backaches, blood clots, and neck and shoulder pain.

What Exactly are Height Adjustable Workstations & Desks?

Height adjustable workstations & desks come in two different varieties – fully adjustable desks and sit-stand add-ons that are placed on an existing desk. Both options serve the same purpose, but one may be better for you than the other due to a number of factors. Continue reading to learn the difference between the two and obtain information on both that will help when it comes to choosing one type over the other.

H3: Fully Adjustable Desks

Fully adjustable desks look just like a normal office desk, but they feature a handle that can be turned or a button that can be pressed to raise and lower the desk top. The legs of these workstations & desks can also be raised with relative ease and adjusted to your exact height so that you can comfortably type in a seated or standing position. These fully adjustable desks are more expensive than add-on type adjustable desks, but they’re built to last and come in a range of sizes, styles and colours. Fully adjustable workstations & desks are ideal for those who do not already own a desk and who have ample space to place one in their home or office.

H3: Desk Add-Ons

Ergonomic workstations that function as desk add-ons allow for the instant transformation of any flat surface into a height-adjustable desk. With the device sitting on top of your existing work desk, you can easily adjust the workstation’s height and alternate between standing and sitting depending on how you feel. These types of workstations & desks can usually be clamped onto your normal work desk without too much trouble. As they come in a range of different sizes, they can be compatible with both desktop computers as well as laptops. Most of these workstations & desks have a stand to hold a desktops computer’s monitor or a laptop, plus a separate tray for the computer’s keyboard and mouse.

These particular types of workstations & desks are ideal for those who already own a desk and don’t want to have to spend money on a whole new adjustable desk. They’re also a good choice for those who have minimal space available, as they can be placed on any flat surface and used standing up.

In Summary

Whether you opt for a fully adjustable desk or choose a desk add-on, there are many health benefits that come with using adjustable workstations & desks. Thanks to their popularity, available options are now more affordable and varied than ever, with a wide range of sizes and models on offer.