What To Consider When Landscaping

Landscaping can be a really big project and you want to get it exactly right. In fact the average person will spend around £30,000 on their garden in their lifetime. Not only can having your garden landscaped make your home more aesthetically pleasing, it can also add to the value of your home if done well. When it comes to planning how your garden will be landscaped, it can be overwhelming because there is a lot to think about. If you have a think about these few points, the whole process won’t seem as overwhelming.

What will your garden be used for?

Before you begin deciding on how your garden’s going to be landscaped, think about what it will be used for. Will it be landscaped to make your home more aesthetically pleasing or for entertaining guests? Will it be used for playing, relaxing or both? Will you be cooking and eating here? Will there be a pool?

Who’s going to use it?

Next, think about who’s going to be using the garden because your garden will have to comfortably accommodate everyone who might use it. Is it going to be just used by adults or will there be small children using it regularly? Also, it’s worth taking any pets you have into consideration, as they will no doubt enjoy running round the garden.

What are your maintenance costs?

How much you spend on maintaining your landscape largely depends on what sort of landscaping you have done. You can choose to have a garden that requires very little maintenance or you can opt for a garden that needs regular maintenance if you want to do gardening as a hobby. Make sure you can source the right materials to maintain your garden – consider lawn mower hire instead of buying your own lawn mower to cut down on costs. If you don’t have the time to maintain your garden yourself, make sure you have the money to hire someone who can.

How much will the plants grow?

Your landscaped garden won’t stay exactly the same forever if left untended. It’s important to take into account how much all of the different plants in your landscaped garden will grow throughout their lifetimes. When choosing plants, make sure you’re aware of what their maximum size will be and make sure your garden will be able to accommodate them once they’ve stopped growing.

Can the soil support your plants?

Before you get your heart set on a particular type of plant for your garden, it’s worth making sure that the soil is capable of supporting the plant. The types of plants you can have in your garden depend on the type of soil your garden has. Landscape designers can test the soil and can even make adjustments to it if necessary.

What style will your garden have?

There are lots of different styles your landscaped garden can have, whether it’s minimalistic, desert, modern or Japanese, to name a few. Do you want your garden to reflect your personality? Do you want it to compliment your home? When you’re investing in landscaping, you want a garden that you’ll be pleased with, so it’s worth coming up with several different ideas and narrowing the choices down to the one you like best.

Landscaping can be a big project, but giving it some thought can make the whole process simpler and more enjoyable. Consider these points the next time you’re landscaping your garden.

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