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Ways to Achieve Earth Toned Living Room Décor

Light, earthy toned interiors are becoming a huge hit throughout homes this season. A décor style that combines neutral colours, with striking dark features is both easy to achieve and beautiful to look at. Introducing earthy toned décor to your home will instantly lift the atmosphere and create a bold, unique décor style that will enhance your home. There are many different approaches when it comes to achieving an earthy toned appearance, so all that’s left to do is to decide which are best suited to you.

Neutral Colour Scheme

When choosing the colours to introduce to your living room, you need to focus on creating a spacious, airy feel. Earthy toned interiors are well known for creating a spacious, fresh feel within the home and lifting the atmosphere perfectly. Neutral colours are what makes up an earthy toned colour scheme, combining browns, beiges, greens, oranges, reds and greys to create the overall earthy tones. Once you’ve decided on the neutral colours you want to add to your interiors, you can focus on which colours will work best in certain areas of the room. In order to create that open, spacious feel you need to focus on keeping your walls and ceilings light and bright, introducing beige, cream or light grey to the walls. You can then look at a darker, bolder flooring option such as dark brown oak or stone. Finally, you can introduce the additional colours within the colour scheme through your furniture pieces and accessories. Incorporating light oak furniture with a dark oak floor is a great way of combining both colours together and creating a bold, earthy look.

Soft yet Durable Materials

There is a selection of specific materials that really emphasise the earthy style décor. Materials such as leather, suede and wood are so popular for this particular interior design theme and can be found in some gorgeous furniture pieces. Leather or suede sofas and chairs make a really bold yet welcoming statement, that you can then dress up with some stylish cushions and a thick, cosy throw. The great thing about the colours within this neutral colour scheme, is that they go well together in any format. It doesn’t matter what colours you combine together, they all work and are really versatile with different materials too.

Open and Airy

You want your living room to feel spacious and fresh, with plenty of air flowing through. To ensure you achieve this atmosphere, you need to keep your furniture minimal and focus on keeping plenty of floor space available. Avoid cluttering the room with different items, as this will result in the room feeling cramped and stuffy. Natural light is a really beneficial element, as it works at opening the room up and creating a fresh, airy feel. You can maximise your natural lighting by keeping your windows clean, as well as adding some light curtains that still allow plenty of light to flow through the room.

Introduce some Nature

It goes without saying that to enhance your earthy toned interiors, you should introduce some nature to the décor. By adding some bold plants to your living room, you can really emphasise the earthy theme, as well as adding some great health benefits. Plants are perfect for keeping a positive mindset, preventing dust and also keeping the air fresh and clear, which is always a huge benefit in the home. You can also look at introducing botanical designs through accessories such as cushions and even artwork. Having this type of décor design will really focus on the earthy tones and create a stunning living room design.

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