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Transform Your Home in 3 Steps

When you moved into your home, there was a good chance that you were absolutely in love with it. That’s how most homeowners feel when they finally move into a place of their own after likely spending months checking the market and real estate listings every single day.

Over time, though, that new feeling begins to fade and the home that was open-house-perfect begins to feel lived in. Depending on the age of your home when you bought it, you might feel like your space is just too dated to be stylish.

Transforming your home into a place you love again isn’t impossible. Use these three steps to learn more about how you can turn your house into a place that feels new, exciting, and vibrant to you again.

Focus on the Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where you likely spend a great deal of time with your family when you’re at home. You probably also spend time there with your friends and anybody that gathers at your house.

Before you update your kitchen, take the time to figure out what it really needs. In general, quality countertops, flooring, and seating areas are beneficial to homeowners and improve property values.

Appliances might be a nice touch and pleasant for you to have, but if you’re thinking of your value, they won’t do much. In fact, most homeowners only get a small percentage of what they spend upgrading appliances back when they sell. If you do go this route, know you’re upgrading for yourself, not future owners.

Upgrade Your Paint

Paint isn’t exactly a big coming up with kitchen renovation ideas for your home, but it really can make a world of difference when it comes to how the interior of your home looks and feels to you and others. A fresh coat of paint might do a lot more than you realize.

When you’re upgrading your paint, consider what’s really important to you. Do you want trendy colors that are hot right not, but might need to covered up in 18 months? Do you have small accent walls where those colors can be utilized effectively?

Perhaps you’re looking for a more classic, timeless look where you won’t have to repaint in two years, barring minor touch-up work. If that’s the case, you should stick with whites, cream tones and classic colors like blues and yellows for other spaces.

Another thing to consider when it comes to paint is what type of paint you really want to buy. Decide whether you want to buy quality premium paint or if you want something like environmentally-friendly low-VOC paint, which can be ideal for homeowners with small children and pets.

Consider Your Landscaping

When most people think of making their homes places they enjoy spending time, they immediately think of the interior of the house. Kitchen renovation ideas for your home like the ones above might come to mind. While the kitchen might be where you spend a majority of your time, your landscaping has a lot to do with how your home looks to you and your guests too.

When it comes to landscaping, one of the best things you can do is to make sure that any lawn area you have is pristine and well-maintained. If you’re worried about water usage in a dry climate, install grasses that don’t require regular water or switch to a mixture of grasses and succulents. In many cases, landscaping options that require less maintenance will look the best over time.

You may also want to consider hiring somebody to handle your landscaping on a seasonal basis. Properly planted decorative flowers and a little bit of maintenance can go a long way toward making your home look its best year-round.

Whether you choose renovation options for your home that cost a few thousand dollars, or you go with simple upgrades like improving your potted flower garden in front of your home, taking the time to evaluate and improve your house is an important task. While you might never think about selling, retaining value and curb appeal should be at the top of your to-do list as a homeowner.

You’ll also be a lot happier when you come at the end of a long day or invite friends and family over to your space. Kitchen renovation ideas for your home, an upgraded paint scheme, and improved landscaping concepts can all make a huge difference.

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