Tips For Choosing Chair

When choosing office chairs is essential to find a quality piece as a bad seat in addition to being uncomfortable, can compromise our health. So by opting for a chair should not only pay attention to its design, there are many more aspects to consider.

The chair is one of the essential elements in a job on the computer. In choosing a chair must take into account a number of criteria ergonomics, understood as the study of biological and technological data applied to problems of mutual adaptation between man and machine. You may found lots of shop to buy chair but you need to know what you should consider before buying a chair. You may check eames chair replica shop as an example of good shop.

Criteria to consider
although not injure a chair directly, it can cause poor posture over time, and the daily and prolonged use may result in injury to the user.

Seat: It is adjustable and allows modifying their placement relative to the backrest. In terms of size, must be wide enough so that the user can sit comfortably in the middle and having space around it.
The front of the seat should be tilted down so you do not press the back of the knees or hinder the movement of the legs, and the depth of the seat should not hinder the use of the back.

Backup: You should stick to your back and provide support in the lumbar area. It is advisable to be adjustable tilt and you can adjust the firmness and fixation or mobility support.
The height should also be adjustable and be long enough for at least the entire back.

Armrest: They must allow the user to maintain a comfortable position, arms at an angle of 90 degrees and serving as support on the elbows and forearms. They are also useful to facilitate the incorporation and must be resistant.

They should not in any case push the wearer’s hips. Nor should prevent you stand beside the table or into the desired position.

Base: The wheels on the base allow greater convenience to the user to change position or move. The base must be 5 points support or be stable.

Skin: It should be breathable and be designed to withstand continuous use. It is also advisable to choose a color and material that can be easily cleaned. It is desirable to have a tapestry fabric that allows the passage of moisture, avoid heat and easy to keep clean.

Generally used cotton fabrics, but accumulate dust and are more difficult to clean than other options. The tevinil and other synthetics, however, are easy to clean, but accumulate moisture and heat can cause. It’s a matter of thinking well and chooses the best option for your particular case.

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