The Best Things to do in London in the Evening

London is a bustling city when you visit it during the daytime, however, when the sun goes down, UK’s capital city really comes to life. It is said that London is a city that never sleeps and with theaters, clubs, bars, museums and eateries to visit you could easily find yourself going to bed just before the sun comes up. To save you from wandering around wondering what to do with yourself, here are a few ideas.

London by Night Sightseeing Tour

Many of London’s famous landmarks are at their most spectacular at night. Catch a ride on one of London’s most recognizable forms of transport, an open-topped bus, and enjoy a memorable tour of the sights. What will you see on your travels? Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, to name just a few.

Ride the London Eye

Taking a ride on the London Eye is exciting enough during the daytime but turn on the night lights of the city and the enjoyment goes through the roof. During the summer months, this popular attraction stays open until 8.30pm. The ride takes half an hour and you can have your own personal guide. It’s far too good an experience to enjoy on your own. Get in touch with Movida Escorts and have a companion to share the champagne experience with.

Watch a West End Show

You’d be mad to visit London without taking in a West End show. Some of the most talented actors and actresses, directors and designers work in London’s West End, and you can experience the best in live theater. It will certainly be an event you’ll never forget. Choose from popular musicals, operas, or classical plays.

Split Your Sides at the Comedy Store

How many times do you get to laugh your socks off? Life is all too serious for most of us, and we never seem to laugh anymore. Lift your spirits while in London by visiting The Comedy Store. Some of the funniest comedians appear here, and this is probably why it’s one of the capital’s most popular comedy venues. It’s open seven days a week, and with a seating capacity of 3,000, you should be able to get tickets.

Experience a London Museum at Night

Many of London’s museums and galleries stay open late at night on certain days of the week. At some of these it’s simply a chance to view the exhibits outside of normal hours. At others, the late night openings are a special event in their own right. There will be talks, workshops, food and drink available at most of them. The British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery, and Tate Galleries are just a few examples of the locations you can visit out of hours.

This is just a small selection of the things you can do in London when the sun goes down. It really is a city that never sleeps, and you’ll always find some form of entertainment taking place.