The Best Mold and Remediation Services in Canada

One of the biggest problems in the home or business is the growth of mold. Canada is well known to have this problem, which stems from issues such as flooding, water damage and leaks. Once there is a water-related problem in your dwelling or business, it can really wreak havoc. Mold is a very harmful fungus that not only looks unsightly but can adversely affect your health in a number of ways, one of which includes breathing and lung problems.

Unfortunately, even if you think you have taken care of a mold problem on your own, the chances that there is mold lingering in spots and crevices that you cannot see are great. The fungus can hide behind your largest appliances and can even get into the walls, where it can easily go unnoticed. Taking these things into account, if you have ever had a leak, flood or any other water damage, you probably have mold growing in your home or business. You need the skills of a reputable cleanup service company to eliminate this harmful substance once and for all. You need the best mold removal and remediation services in Canada to have the best professionals assess the issue and perform a thorough cleanup to remove the mold and prevent it from spreading further.

Where is Mold Most Commonly Found?

If you have ever noticed mold growing in your home or business or suspect there may be an issue, it’s important to know the places where mold is most commonly found. These places are as follows:

Basements: The basement is one of the dampest areas in a home, which makes it the perfect breeding ground for mold
Bathrooms: Bathrooms are constantly damp, even if you have an exhaust fan installed. This makes it easy for mold to grow
Ventilation Systems: Mold frequently grows in ventilation systems because of moisture from humidity
Wet Walls: If there’s a wall that commonly gets wet due to rainstorms or snow, mold can easily grow on it
Window Frames: Windows lead to the outdoors, which makes it easy for moisture to seep in and for mold to grow around their frames
Fabrics: Fabrics getting wet from water damage can rapidly lead to the growth of mold
Water-Damaged Mattresses: Just like fabrics, wet mattresses are natural breeding grounds for mold
Plumbing: Plumbing systems are always wet because water is always passing through them. Mold can typically grow within them
Cabinets and Other Furniture: At any time your cabinets or other types of furniture get wet or even a little damp, mold can easily grow on them

How are Mold Removal Services Performed?

A reputable mold removal service company initially makes a full assessment of your home or business. The assessment is performed so that the professionals can determine the severity of the problem and ensure the specific locations in which mold is growing. The technicians also perform certain tests that can save homeowners and business owners both time and money. All types of mold are subsequently removed from your home or business and afterward, the technicians will apply a special type of disinfectant to ensure that the fungus doesn’t return. The company would also use a sanitation process that involves HEPA filtration. This is used to kill any bits of mold that could potentially lead to additional mold resurfacing after the job has been done. The final step is to perform additional tests to determine that the work was done correctly and thoroughly.

Picking a Company

When picking a mold and remediation service company, you want to make sure you pick a reliable, professional, and efficient company. Paul Davis is a great example of a top company for mold and remediation services in Canada. Their team of experts will work tirelessly to ensure that all the mold is completely eliminated from your home and business.

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