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Tips for Minimizing Scarring From Injury

If you have got little ones, you are no stranger to bruises, bumps, wounds, and the occasional fracture. In some cases, you child may even need to get stitches. While your kid might get over their injury quite quickly, there is usually a reminder in the form of a scar. When they are young, it is doubtful that your little ones will mind these scars too much. They may even proudly show them off!

Of course you know that will all change once they become teenagers. What was once a conversation starter may now be cause for embarrassment. Even if you do not have children of your own, this may be something that you have experienced. Have you ever forgone a skirt because of a rather prominent mark on your knee? If you have, you may have always wondered what you could do to diminish the effect of scarring. Well, here are some helpful tips for the next time you have a fall:


Yes, this is the worst part of a wound, but it is an important one. Our body is a wonderful organism, and most of the time it is quite capable of healing itself. While it might be tempting to do something during this time, you should refrain from using any treatments until the wound is healed properly.

Clean Carefully

When it is time to clean a wound, one of the first things that you may be reaching for is antiseptic or hydrogen peroxide. If the wound is not too deep or does not have any debris in it, water is usually enough to clean it up. If you are worried about infection, however, you should use some antiseptic. It is important, nonetheless, not to go overboard. Using too much hydrogen peroxide can actually cause the wound to heal slower than normal. This is because in addition to killing bacteria, it can also get rid of the important white blood cells as well.

Use Sunscreen

One of the reasons that scars are quite so noticeable is because they are usually darker in color. This is because of an abundance of pigment in that particular area. Most people have the wrong idea and decide to tan their skin, hoping that it will all even out. This, unfortunately, only darkens the scar even more, making it all the more obvious. Your best option is to use a high grade sunscreen on your scar as well as the rest of your body.

Medical Strategies

Sometimes, if the injury is particularly bad, you may be stuck with a noticeable scar. This can be especially upsetting if it is somewhere prominent, such as your face. There is no reason to despair, however, as there is still hope. Go to the best plastic surgeon in Scottsdale and ask them to take a look. With a few cosmetic procedures, you may actually be able to get rid of or at least diminish your scar. It is a good idea to get a consultation if you would like to know your options.

Remember, the best way to prevent scarring is to take care of your wound from the very beginning. Make sure that it does not come into contact with any irritants, and use a light bandage to keep it covered. If you are in doubt about what you should do, always contact a doctor.