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Fall has Come to Iowa, the Garden is Being Put to Sleep, and Other Updates


Happy Fall!! My favorite time of year!

Let me start by saying that I would have never imagined October would come and we would still have NO internet. There are several reasons for that…money, laziness, and some sadistic need to see if we could live without it. Today I’m in the library pounding out a couple of posts (hopefully…Pinterest keeps drawing me in!). I haven’t been making the drive into town as often as I thought I would because gas costs money, yo!

What’s been going on? Well, our little homestead threw out quite a few veggies this year. Not too bad considering we bullied turf into becoming gardens late this spring. Tomatoes, green peppers, sweet corn, kale, green beans, cauliflower, and beets have found their way into our freezer as well as freezer pickles and coleslaw.

Potatoes, spaghetti squash, and butternut squash are stored for winter. We ate all the kohlrabi, strawberries and lettuce as they were picked. The rest of the cabbage still needs to be picked. Some of it is going to be turned into sauerkraut and some of it will be stored for later.

And we did have a few duds…our potatoes crowded out the onions and 5 out of 200 grew. The potatoes didn’t produce as many as I’d expected. I also only got 2 sweet potatoes and those are funky-shaped. It’s a shame because those are my absolute favorite.

Now, the gardens are being cleaned up and the last things harvested. We’ll continue to let the kale grow for the chickens. They love it!

The chickens have been wonderful! We have so many eggs that we scrambled and froze 9 dozen eggs for later use. I also froze 3 dozen in ice cube trays so we can thaw one or two out at a time for baking. Even with the temperatures dipping recently, they are still laying strong with an average of 9 or 10 eggs a day.

We did have some heartbreak about a month ago. A neighbor dog got into our rabbit shed and killed Peanut’s pet bunny and fatally wounded our meat rabbit buck. It also bit Sweet Pea’s show rabbit’s ear leaving it unshowable. The only rabbit it didn’t kill or injure is the doe that won’t raise a litter. Dang. We’ll wait until next spring to get back into the meat rabbit business again.

Profession-wise, I haven’t babysat for a couple of months but I’ll be advertising for a couple of kids this coming week. I wanted to wait to see what was going on with me health-wise until I committed to taking on any more kids.

My health is still a little strange. I’ve seen several specialists now, had a multitude of tests including a CT scan of my chest, and I have no answers as to WHY I had a crazy rash and continue to have excessive fatigue, funky heartbeat, shortness of breath, and swelling in my feet. The good news is that the swelling has become less and less often. The bad news is that when I do swell, I’m also fatigued to the point of not having the energy to do basic housekeeping or homesteading chores. Thankfully, that hasn’t been that often lately.

I do have one more appointment with my family practitioner to go over my CT in more detail, but I’ve already decided to take this into my own hands and work a more holistic approach. I’ll detail that soon, and trust me when I say I’ll be blogging about it!

It’s safe to say that we have ZERO regret after moving back to Iowa. It’s been 5 months now, and I’ve seen so many fabulous changes in my kids socially, emotionally, and physically. There’s a lot to be said about living in a place you love surrounded by people who love you.

How has your Fall been so far? Do you have colder than average temps like we have?