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Saturday Soapbox # 11: Homeschoolers, Opinionators, and Haters…Oh My!

Maybe I have PMS, maybe I’m disheartened by the lack of ‘The Season’ in ‘The Season’, but it seemed that there were an unusually large number of things that irritated me this week. I’m so grateful for Saturday Soapbox.

The whole point of Rhonda sharing this video with me was that we had just been having a discussion on how a few homeschoolers give everyone else a bad name.

The conversation in the video goes like this: The man interviewing the family asks the girl what 12×12 is, then 6×6. When she doesn’t know the answers to those questions, he then asks 5×5 (which she answers as 20 with the mother correcting her to 25.) The mother then says, “We’ve studied Genesis to Joshua. Not so hard on the math facts. We’re on Bible. That’s alright.”

The issue wasn’t that the woman taught the Bible which is what someone insinuated on my FB page. The issue was that a 12 year old girl (I’m assuming she’s that age because she looks to be the same age as Sweet Pea), didn’t know what 5×5 was-the most basic of math facts.

Quite frankly, I don’t care if a parent chooses to use the Bible as the only text book for their homeschool curriculum-it is the parent’s choice and right to choose how to school her children. My opinion is that by not teaching your child the basics in other subjects, you’re handicapping the child in real life situations. Hmmm, how much would 5 cans of soup at $3 a can cost? Math is kind of necessary for pretty much everyone. When things like this spread around, it makes the rest of us homeschoolers look bad. Homeschoolers are fighting an uphill battle in this country. I would prefer if you’d not make it any harder.

Alright, on to the next thing. I would love for people who aren’t bloggers to realize that if you piss a blogger off, especially one who doesn’t mind being a jerk, you will probably end up in a blog post.

Talking about the FB post I mentioned above, an acquaintance of mine piped in on the conversation that was going on there. I’ve known this woman for quite a while, 20 years at least. I know her to be a great mother and an AWESOME homeschool mom. BUT, she took it upon herself to take the argument about the HS mom not teaching math personally.

Not only did she begin to freak out about people judging her for not schooling her kids properly (which seriously wasn’t the case and wasn’t ever said) and for the criticism shown towards a Christian mom who chose to teach Bible (which again, wasn’t ever the issue), she chose to throw out an insult or two about my good friend and came terribly close to insulting my friend’s kids.

Now I don’t know about you, but my friends really do mean the world to me. I don’t have many, and those I have, I care about deeply. If you mess with my friends, I will cut you. And, of course, I’ll immortalize you being a butt on my blog. See how that works? So don’t be a butt to me or my buds, and you’re golden.

Lastly, I want to address something that has really been bothering me. IF you are a Christian, and IF you are one of the ones who insist that people say Merry Christmas because you’re ‘offended’ by a person ignoring your Christian sensibilities about ‘this season’, you are also a butt.

You CLAIM that you feel this way because you believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior and that Christmas is the celebration of His birth. You INFER that December is apparently reserved for you and the ones who feel the same as you only.

Let me tell you what I think. I think you’re a bully. I think you use the label of ‘Christian’ as an excuse to act rude and to make yourself feel better than other people.  I think you’ll look through the Bible to pick and pull Scripture that will help you feel that your actions are justified.

Using your religion, whatever it may be, as a reason to abuse others is never okay. (See this news story.)

It is okay to have views that differ from other people. In this country we have a whole Amendment in our Constitution that protects the right to voice our opinions about our differences. (Well for the most part we still can. The government has overstepped this greatly in a few areas but that’s for another Soapbox.) I know that Christians are supposed to evangelize. I get it, but hitting someone for saying, “Happy Holidays!” isn’t exactly spreading the love, is it?

And for the record, I’m perfectly happy with Happy Holidays. It could just as easily been a big ol’ fat “F-You!”

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