Sprucing Up Your Bedroom on a Budget

Do you want a gorgeous bedroom without spending a small fortune on the makeover? Would you like to inexpensively spruce up your bedroom so it looks nicer? Well, we can help with that. For many people, the bedroom is a place of solace, peace, love, and rest.

It is where everything from rejuvenation to procreation is done –essentially, most life-giving activities. This is why it should be an amazing place to spend time in. But too many people think they’re priced out of their dream bedroom.

In this article, we’ll give you a few proven tips that will help you spruce up your bedroom without spending a small fortune.

Symmetry is Everything

Simple symmetry can do amazing things for your bedroom. Make sure that everything lines up, complements, and matches the other. For instance, if you have a table on side of the bed, place another one of the same design on the other side.

Ensure that your throw pillows match some fabric in the room. For instance, it can match the curtains and the duvet on the bed. Get rid of bulkier furniture that doesn’t fit with your design, and replace it with something more appealing.

Ensure that every color complements one other color. And remember to use no more than three colors in the room. This is the absolute maximum number of colors recommended by interior designers.

The bed should also be in the center of the room or one side of the wall, depending on the size and shape of the room and your personal sense of style.

Upgrade Your Furniture

Your bedroom doesn’t have to look like something out a 1950’s era office. You can easily get cheap bedside tables and bedroom furniture from IKEA, Target, Urban Outfitters, Sears, and Allmodern. There are lots of pocket-friendly, modern, stylish furniture that you can use in your room that won’t take up too much space and still provide enough room for your stuff.

Also, make sure that your bedroom is a comfortable, inviting place to come home to. Feeling comfortable in your bed before you go to sleep at night should never be an issue. Lull mattresses are comfortable and offer a 100-night free trial to ensure that this is the mattress for you. If your bed is uncomfortable or needs to be replaced, try the Lull trial period and you may just like it so much that you keep it.

Go With Cheaper Accents

Accessories and accents can highlight the colors in your bedroom, further enhancing the beauty of the color combination. But remember to use them wisely and in moderation. For instance, you can get cheap lamps with matching shades cheap from yard sales, dollar stores, and other avenues and then repaint or rework them to suit your bedroom’s colors.

To get the best result, the accent colors should match the bold but fewer colors in the room. For instance, if you are using three colors like white, baby blue, and lemon in your room, three sides of the walls can be painted white, and the last one baby blue. Your throw pillows, duvets, and lamps can be painted lemon, while your foot rest can be white as well as your bed covers and two of your pillows.

Paint Can Fix Anything

Paint is the ultimate bedroom spruce. A well-chosen color pallete can literally transform a room. The best part of painting is that it’s cheap and won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

You don’t necessarily have to use the Sherman Williams or Dulux paints. Look for cheaper alternatives that don’t smear, and double coat the paint if you are in doubt about its thickness. Some folks even go as far as coating their walls with 3-4 layers of paint for maximum effect and to further highlight/emphasize the colors.

Declutter the Bedroom

Check the closet or pull out the drawers and look for clutter. Also, pay attention to the dressers and any other tabletop in the room. Rearrange the table tops if you need the items there and get rid of the other junk. A clean, bare table top can help make your room look great.

Also, rearrange your wires or hide them away from plain sight. The best thing to do is run them along the wall or under the rugs/carpets with extension cords if necessary. Clearing out the wires alone can give your bedroom a clean, minimalist, and spacious appearance.

Switch Out Your Curtains

Change your curtains and beddings for better looking and more attractive colors. If you are in doubt about the colors, just choose one of the three colors you picked earlier, use the base with another color on the fringes of the curtain or to complement it and you’ll be fine.

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