Sing For Hope Pianos 2016

Many people consider an interest in the arts to be something only wealthy people have access to. Yet the truth is that access to the arts is available everywhere, as long as there are people who will help to provide it. One of the groups currently working to help more people in New York City enjoy the arts is This innovative non-profit organization is dedicated to bringing artists together with the schools, libraries, hospitals and other community organizations that need them most.

Sing For Hope Pianos 2016

One of the very exciting programs currently being offered by
is the Sing For Hope Pianos program. Sing for Hope Pianos is offered for two weeks in June and it involves putting 50 uniquely designed and painted pianos in public areas like parks throughout New York City and the city’s five boroughs. These pianos are painted by artists and each one is unique. As part of the program, the pianos are left in public areas where they can be played and enjoyed by anyone who sees them.

This year, following the public installation of the pianos, they will be donated to New York City public schools, where they can bring a major musical impact to the lives of 15,000 New York City children.

How does this amazing program happen? It happens through the strength of a wide network of caring artists and volunteers. To keep this incredible program going, however, requires funding. That’s why everyone at is asking for help to keep pop up pianos in New York City and its schools.

The power of the work of this organization is truly amazing, and it’s all based on pooling resources, sharing ideas, sharing talent and sharing a lot of love, for the benefit of the city’s children and the community as a whole.

If you care about music and bringing its powerfully positive message to the city and its children, take a look at the site today and find out how you can help support this wonderfully innovative program.

It’s all about music. It’s all about sharing, and it’s all about community.

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