Secrets to a Cleaner, Healthier Home

Keeping a home can be a lot of work – you’re already busy with work and taking care of your family, and things do have a tendency to pile up. But don’t let that keep you from a clean and stress-free home environment. All it takes is a little determination and a routine to help keep you on track.

Picking Up

There are a couple of tricks around the general theme of picking up that are worth taking to heart. For example, whenever you put something down, try to pick another thing up and put it away. You’ll barely notice the extra effort, but you’ll probably notice the effects after only a few days. After all, picking things up isn’t really a job that has an end, so a slight shift in routine like this can have more of an effect than you’d think.

Also notice where things pile up, and what things pile up. It’s pretty common to have a table or other surface become a defacto junk surface simply because it’s next to the door everyone comes in through. While other forms of clutter may be a result of having more stuff than you need, the stuff you empty out of your pockets is all stuff you need or presumably you wouldn’t carry it with you. This is all stuff that needs somewhere to go – if you don’t want it to pile up where it’s been piling up naturally, give yourself a better place to put all that stuff.

Other places where clutter collects can be approached similarly, although you may find that not everything has its place because you have too much stuff. If you can’t think of a good place to store it, and it spends more time being clutter than being used, it’s probably something you could do without.

Dust and Indoor Air Quality

Be prepared to consistently dust and wipe down surfaces around your home. Dust builds up fast and it causes you to sneeze and can inflame and aggravate allergies. Make dusting a part of your cleaning routine and be sure to get in the cracks and crevices. Dusting feels good once you’re all done, so keep the end goal in mind as you’re working.

Keep your vacuum in a spot that’s easy to access. You should be vacuuming often and getting rid of all the dirt that’s stuck in your carpets. Vacuuming will keep your carpets looking newer for a longer period of time and your family feeling healthier. If you have pets, it’s recommended you vacuum at least twice a week to cut down on the amount of pet fur and dander that may contribute to bad air quality.

Poor indoor air quality has the potential to cause health issues and make your home an unpleasant place to live. Do yourself a favor and get your indoor air quality checked by a professional, as your ductwork and air conditioner may be contributing to the problem, if not simply allowing another, much harder-to-reach, place for dust to accumulate.

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