Protecting Yourself Against Cybercrime

Cybercrime didn’t begin and end with the Y2K glitch on January 1st, 2000. Over 18 years later, Internet users are still finding themselves susceptible to cybercrime and the devastation it can cause to them and their personal data.

For this reason, you need to continue to protect yourself against cybercrime, and you need to remember to do so at all times. To see what exactly should be done to do this, make sure to heed all of the advice found below.

Set yourself up with good antivirus software

It’s quite simple; you can only protect yourself against online data breaches if you install the very best internet security on the market today. Doing so will see you set up with all the latest pieces of tech that are designed to safeguard their users against malware and other third-party attacks, and it will help you to monitor your system to ensure nothing untoward is happening in regards to it.

It’s important to set yourself up with the all of the latest software, too, because these are the ones that are tried and tested again the very latest dangers that the world of cybercrime has to offer. So, the next time you get an alert saying it’s time for you to update, don’t ignore it! Download it, and install it.

Set passwords that are hard to break into 

As easy it is to succumb to your desire to set passwords that are easy to remember, you shouldn’t be doing so if they are easy to compromise and break into. Instead, you should be setting codes that are eight characters or longer; that includes a combination of different letters, numbers, and other symbols; and that is in no way related to you, your name or your birthday.

If you find yourself really struggling when it comes to setting uncompromisable passwords, then use a memory device. Use the first letters of a number of different pieces of information that are close to you, such as your name, your place of birth and your first pet.

Watch what websites you access 

When you veer off trusted sites and instead find yourself spending time on hacker sites, you open yourself up unnecessarily to cybercrime. These websites include those that show a lot of adult content, as well as those that link to pop-ups, so stay off of them as best you can. 

Don’t fall for bogus attachments

Bogus pop-ups and email attachments are known as phishing sites, and they can cause serious devastation to you when clicked upon. What this means is that you have to be careful with every link that you click on in your emails, no matter how genuine they might look, and that you should never click on pop-ups.

Back up your important files

No matter what you do to circumvent cybercrime, it can still hit you. If the worst were to happen in this case, then you would more than likely lose all of your important files, meaning backing them up beforehand is pivotal. Whether this means copying all of your data onto a memory stick or uploading them all onto the cloud, backing your stuff up regularly will keep you safe.

Refrain from sharing sensitive information

You never know who is seeing and digesting all of the information that you upload, even on your social media sites. For this reason, you should always refrain from sharing sensitive information, such as your vacation dates and financial details.

You should keep your vacation dates private at all times because making them viewable online will make your home far more likely to be broken into during the time you spend away from it. You should keep your financial details, such as your credit card pin, private because cybercriminals have the facilities to break into any kind of banking system, and providing them with the key to do so makes them far more likely to target you.

Make sure your children follow all of the above advice 

It’s all good and well you following the above advice, but if your kids don’t, then you will still be liable to having to face cybercrime. They should know about all the acceptable ways to access the Internet, what they should and should not be sharing and what sites they should be avoiding. So, make sure you’re having that all-important chat, whether they want it or not!

Cybercrime is real, and you can very well find yourself a target of it. So, remember to take all of the advice above into account, and remember to protect yourself against it at all times.