Protecting your home from intruders

When it comes to keeping your family safe and protecting your home and possessions, only the best in security will do. But so many of us seemingly get by on old style locks, windows with broken latches and the thought that “it won’t happen to me”.

With summer now in full swing, our windows are open, and doors unlocked, which makes all our homes prime targets for burglars and opportunist thieves. But how can you protect your home from an intruder? Read on for some helpful tips and home security advice.

Your garden

Many burglars gain access to your home through the garden. Broken fences, gates with no locks, all these are tell-tale signs that entry into your home will be easy. If you have shrubbery around your property then always keep it well maintained and properly trimmed. As an overgrown tree or shrub can provide the perfect hiding place. If you want to make your backyard impenetrable or more private then check out privacy trees from The Tree Center.

 If you have expensive items such as a BBQ, large children’s toys, cars, kids bikes, tools and lawnmowers etc, then make sure that they are always stowed away in either your garage or in a safely secured garden shed. Leaving these items out in full view will draw the attention of any opportunist thieves, who might be wondering what other high-end items could be inside the house.

If your garden shed or outdoor storage has a window – even if it’s cracked and covered in cobwebs, cover it up with a blind or old curtain. This will keep any curious thieves at bay.

Light it up

Thieves will prefer to skulk in the shadows and avoid being seen for obvious reasons, so don’t make it easy for them. Make sure your outdoor area is well lit by either installing motion detector lights, or solar powered garden lights.

Get to know your neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours means that you become aware of what is normal activity around their home. If they regularly have a visit from someone in a particular car, then you know that it’s probably a relative or legitimate visitor.

But someone on a bike peering through the window when your neighbour is at church? Might seem a little odd! Letting your neighbours know if you’re having work done on your property or when you’re going to be away for a couple of weeks will alert them to any strange activity around your home.

Don’t advertise your home

We all get excited about going away on holiday, or even for a weekend away and often put regular updates on social media. But by doing this, you’re advertising when your home will be empty. Be smart when it comes to social media. Be careful taking pictures of the outside of your property, as it may give a potential thief a head start in being able to gain access to your home. The same goes for posting about expensive new electrical items – be conscious of your posts and your privacy settings.