Prepare your concrete garage for winter

The cold winter weather can have a detrimental effect on most things in our day to day life. The natural environment, our cars and even our body and health are all adversely affected by too much exposure to cold weather. The freezing temperature, blistering winds and snowfall can wreak real havoc on your concrete garage too. As winter is fast approaching, now is a good time to seek professional advice from companies like Dencroft Garages.

Whether your concrete garage is used for basic storage or extended living space, there are many benefits to be had by ensuring that they are winter-ready.  Some of these include:

Warm environment

As the role of our garages is becoming more prominent in our day to day lives, our requirements for our garage are evolving too. Garage conversions are increasingly popular as homeowners are looking for new ways to extend the living space of their property. As we spend more time in our garages it is important that they can be well heated to accommodate for us. Especially during winter, we want the inside of our garages to be comfortably warm if they are to be practical living spaces.

Pipe protection
If your garage has any pipes running through it, is essential that they are not exposed to extremely cold weather. Your pipes may be for water or electricity supply, but it is important that your garage is well prepared for cold weather so the pipes don’t break or suffer any damage.

Storage protection
The modern garage is home to much more expensive items that they have previously been. Nowadays, our garages are home to expensive technology or state of the art tools and equipment. As a result of the increased value of the possessions that are stored in our garage, the need to protect them from dangerously cold weather also increases.

There are many reasons as to why it is important to prepare your garage for winter and make sure it is well protected from cold weather and temperatures. The benefits are endless and always worth the time and effort it takes to make the necessary measures to prepare you concrete garage.

There are several quick and easy measures that most homeowners can take to help make their concrete garage more winter-proof, here are just a few:

Seal the holes and gaps – Any and all holes and gaps in your garage, no matter where they might be, must be sealed. You can use polyfiller or buy a seal from your local hardware store.

Insulate the walls – You can insulate your garage walls by putting up some extra layers or invest in a concrete garage specialist.

Protect the garage floor – As the winter temperature begins to freeze the ground, much of the heat of your home and concrete garage can be lost through the floor.

Some of the most common problems that can compromise the quality or durability of your concrete garage will mainly only occur if the garage itself is of poor quality. The single and most important advice that can be given to ensuring that your garage is long lasting and well protected from the winter cold is to initially use a reputable concrete garage manufacturer.

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