Wellness Wednesday: I desperately need your help

In planning this week’s Wellness Wednesday post, I had several ideas, but it occurred to me that what I might think is important may not be important for you.

For instance, I struggle with depression and know from experience that what I eat can lessen or enhance depression symptoms. Would information about this interest you?

Or what about sugar? We all know it’s bad for us, but would you like more information as to why it’s bad to eat processed sugar and sugar alternatives and what the best strategies are for getting sugar out of your diet?

Children’s wellness, women’s wellness, fitness, stress reduction…do these topics interest you?

My goal as a Holistic Health Coach (or Lifestyle Transformist as I like to say) is to give you the wellness information that is vital to you and your family.

Let me help you make 2014 the year you transform your lifestyle to become your best version of you.

In the comments below, would you please list the questions you want answered? And if you don’t want to ask them publicly, you can contact me through my contact page here on Missy Homemaker or here on my M-Powered Lifestyles website.

Party Time! Family Fridays Link-Up is Open

Welcome to Livin’ The Mom Life & Missy Homemaker’s Family Friday Link-Up Party!!!

Let’s celebrate the upcoming weekend by sharing some linking love.
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This week is all about family. Enjoy!
Rhonda at Bitch and Whine discusses how sometimes kids should be rewarded for effort not results. This post tore at my heartstrings and is well worth your time to read.

Bonnie a.k.a. Lady Blogger writes a quick post: Applying to College. It seems it’s a lot harder than it was 20+ years ago when I sent my quick and dirty application in.


Adelein at Blessed Learners writes about the importance of one of my favorite parts of the day: Having Meals Together as a Family. It’s something my family did when I was growing up and something my family does now.


Oh did Tanya from Mom’s Small Victories crack me up with her Sharing Moments of Motherhood post. I can totally relate to flatulence being the music of my life. Seriously. Is there something wrong with these kids’ digestive systems?


I can’t let this day pass without one recipe right? My buddy Melissa at Forever Fitting In has a recipe for an A.MAZ.ING Candy Cane Protein Shake. You don’t have to wait for a workout to make this. Just do it. Now. Yumm-O!

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Saturday Soapbox # 11: Homeschoolers, Opinionators, and Haters…Oh My!

Maybe I have PMS, maybe I’m disheartened by the lack of ‘The Season’ in ‘The Season’, but it seemed that there were an unusually large number of things that irritated me this week. I’m so grateful for Saturday Soapbox.

The whole point of Rhonda sharing this video with me was that we had just been having a discussion on how a few homeschoolers give everyone else a bad name.

The conversation in the video goes like this: The man interviewing the family asks the girl what 12×12 is, then 6×6. When she doesn’t know the answers to those questions, he then asks 5×5 (which she answers as 20 with the mother correcting her to 25.) The mother then says, “We’ve studied Genesis to Joshua. Not so hard on the math facts. We’re on Bible. That’s alright.”

The issue wasn’t that the woman taught the Bible which is what someone insinuated on my FB page. The issue was that a 12 year old girl (I’m assuming she’s that age because she looks to be the same age as Sweet Pea), didn’t know what 5×5 was-the most basic of math facts.

Quite frankly, I don’t care if a parent chooses to use the Bible as the only text book for their homeschool curriculum-it is the parent’s choice and right to choose how to school her children. My opinion is that by not teaching your child the basics in other subjects, you’re handicapping the child in real life situations. Hmmm, how much would 5 cans of soup at $3 a can cost? Math is kind of necessary for pretty much everyone. When things like this spread around, it makes the rest of us homeschoolers look bad. Homeschoolers are fighting an uphill battle in this country. I would prefer if you’d not make it any harder.

Alright, on to the next thing. I would love for people who aren’t bloggers to realize that if you piss a blogger off, especially one who doesn’t mind being a jerk, you will probably end up in a blog post.

Talking about the FB post I mentioned above, an acquaintance of mine piped in on the conversation that was going on there. I’ve known this woman for quite a while, 20 years at least. I know her to be a great mother and an AWESOME homeschool mom. BUT, she took it upon herself to take the argument about the HS mom not teaching math personally.

Not only did she begin to freak out about people judging her for not schooling her kids properly (which seriously wasn’t the case and wasn’t ever said) and for the criticism shown towards a Christian mom who chose to teach Bible (which again, wasn’t ever the issue), she chose to throw out an insult or two about my good friend and came terribly close to insulting my friend’s kids.

Now I don’t know about you, but my friends really do mean the world to me. I don’t have many, and those I have, I care about deeply. If you mess with my friends, I will cut you. And, of course, I’ll immortalize you being a butt on my blog. See how that works? So don’t be a butt to me or my buds, and you’re golden.

Lastly, I want to address something that has really been bothering me. IF you are a Christian, and IF you are one of the ones who insist that people say Merry Christmas because you’re ‘offended’ by a person ignoring your Christian sensibilities about ‘this season’, you are also a butt.

You CLAIM that you feel this way because you believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior and that Christmas is the celebration of His birth. You INFER that December is apparently reserved for you and the ones who feel the same as you only.

Let me tell you what I think. I think you’re a bully. I think you use the label of ‘Christian’ as an excuse to act rude and to make yourself feel better than other people.  I think you’ll look through the Bible to pick and pull Scripture that will help you feel that your actions are justified.

Using your religion, whatever it may be, as a reason to abuse others is never okay. (See this news story.)

It is okay to have views that differ from other people. In this country we have a whole Amendment in our Constitution that protects the right to voice our opinions about our differences. (Well for the most part we still can. The government has overstepped this greatly in a few areas but that’s for another Soapbox.) I know that Christians are supposed to evangelize. I get it, but hitting someone for saying, “Happy Holidays!” isn’t exactly spreading the love, is it?

And for the record, I’m perfectly happy with Happy Holidays. It could just as easily been a big ol’ fat “F-You!”

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A Mother’s Letter to Jennifer Lawrence

Dear Miss Lawrence,

Recently it’s come to my attention that certain male children in my household think you’re ‘hot’.  One of my sons has been talking about you quite a bit lately, and the others weigh in with equal fervor and admiration.

As their mother, I have something to say about this and that something is: Thank you.

Thank you for being the kind of young woman that a mother isn’t worried about her teenage boys having a celebrity crush on.

Thank you for being a young woman not afraid to speak her mind in an industry that seems to want to make every young woman a size zero, dumbed-down, sexual object.

Thank you for supporting publicly what I’ve tried to instill in my sons…that a girl is more than her exterior…that she doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter model unwilling to think and act away from the crowd, that she can have a brain in her head, and that the man that supports her will be better off for it.

You, Miss Lawrence, have been VERY outspoken about body image in Hollywood. You declared that although you were told to lose weight for the role of Katniss, that you would not. (Read about that here.) You took up the torch for all the young girls who look up to those on the big screen, but you did so much more.

You are influencing boys to be more confident about their own body image and about how to support the girls in their lives too.

You’ve also given my boys a look at how wrong it is to call someone fat, how wrong it is to expect girls to look only a certain way, and how wrong it is to cut people down for not being “perfect”.

Again, I want to thank you Miss Lawrence for being such a positive influence in an industry that I personally find repulsive. And I want to thank you for being the kind of girl that I hope my sons do find some day.


Your future mother-in-law (at least in the eyes of one of my sons

Were you expecting a guest post?

Surprise! I have no post for you today…here. But, I have a guest post over at Called to Be a Mom. There’s a short and sweet post over there with a quick and fun project for you to do with your kids. Click here to head on over and check that out.

Oh, and FYI, I don’t do Black Friday. But I will be checking out some deals at my local small businesses. See why here.

Missy H out. Peace!

Fall has Come to Iowa, the Garden is Being Put to Sleep, and Other Updates


Happy Fall!! My favorite time of year!

Let me start by saying that I would have never imagined October would come and we would still have NO internet. There are several reasons for that…money, laziness, and some sadistic need to see if we could live without it. Today I’m in the library pounding out a couple of posts (hopefully…Pinterest keeps drawing me in!). I haven’t been making the drive into town as often as I thought I would because gas costs money, yo!

What’s been going on? Well, our little homestead threw out quite a few veggies this year. Not too bad considering we bullied turf into becoming gardens late this spring. Tomatoes, green peppers, sweet corn, kale, green beans, cauliflower, and beets have found their way into our freezer as well as freezer pickles and coleslaw.

Potatoes, spaghetti squash, and butternut squash are stored for winter. We ate all the kohlrabi, strawberries and lettuce as they were picked. The rest of the cabbage still needs to be picked. Some of it is going to be turned into sauerkraut and some of it will be stored for later.

And we did have a few duds…our potatoes crowded out the onions and 5 out of 200 grew. The potatoes didn’t produce as many as I’d expected. I also only got 2 sweet potatoes and those are funky-shaped. It’s a shame because those are my absolute favorite.

Now, the gardens are being cleaned up and the last things harvested. We’ll continue to let the kale grow for the chickens. They love it!

The chickens have been wonderful! We have so many eggs that we scrambled and froze 9 dozen eggs for later use. I also froze 3 dozen in ice cube trays so we can thaw one or two out at a time for baking. Even with the temperatures dipping recently, they are still laying strong with an average of 9 or 10 eggs a day.

We did have some heartbreak about a month ago. A neighbor dog got into our rabbit shed and killed Peanut’s pet bunny and fatally wounded our meat rabbit buck. It also bit Sweet Pea’s show rabbit’s ear leaving it unshowable. The only rabbit it didn’t kill or injure is the doe that won’t raise a litter. Dang. We’ll wait until next spring to get back into the meat rabbit business again.

Profession-wise, I haven’t babysat for a couple of months but I’ll be advertising for a couple of kids this coming week. I wanted to wait to see what was going on with me health-wise until I committed to taking on any more kids.

My health is still a little strange. I’ve seen several specialists now, had a multitude of tests including a CT scan of my chest, and I have no answers as to WHY I had a crazy rash and continue to have excessive fatigue, funky heartbeat, shortness of breath, and swelling in my feet. The good news is that the swelling has become less and less often. The bad news is that when I do swell, I’m also fatigued to the point of not having the energy to do basic housekeeping or homesteading chores. Thankfully, that hasn’t been that often lately.

I do have one more appointment with my family practitioner to go over my CT in more detail, but I’ve already decided to take this into my own hands and work a more holistic approach. I’ll detail that soon, and trust me when I say I’ll be blogging about it!

It’s safe to say that we have ZERO regret after moving back to Iowa. It’s been 5 months now, and I’ve seen so many fabulous changes in my kids socially, emotionally, and physically. There’s a lot to be said about living in a place you love surrounded by people who love you.

How has your Fall been so far? Do you have colder than average temps like we have?

8 years ago, I met my Match

8 years ago today, my husband and I went on our first date.

I met my husband on Match.com. Seriously. We were internet love birds.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago, but back then, text messages were expensive and there weren’t any fancy unlimited cell plans (and my cell phone was an analog phone that weighed over half a pound). I had a landline and dial-up internet so we started talking via Yahoo Chat.

J still has the little scratch of paper that he jotted my name and email address down on.

In my wallet, I still carry a printout of a little message he chatted me.

I knew within two weeks that I wanted marry him.

He swore he wouldn’t get married again before he’d been with someone for two years.

We got married 16 months (almost to the day) after we went on our first date. (J claims I tricked him into it!)

Our life together hasn’t been easy. We’ve been through job changes, an unplanned baby (and thank God for that precious Peanut!), becoming a one-income family, money troubles, job stress, kid stress, homeschool, and so much more but we always seem to make it through and come out stronger.

Happy anniversary to my love. I am so grateful you sent me that message, and I am even more grateful to have the honor to spend the rest of my life with you.

Remember When My Blogging Had Gone to the Puppies?


Remember when our lives had gone to the puppies?
Remember when our puppies looked like this?


Those puppies are now 9 months old, and they look like this:

And are those things terrors!
Although I’m really glad they have room to run now, do they HAVE to choose to run through our FENCED garden?
Do they HAVE to dig holes all over the yard? It looks like swiss cheese.
And this guy:


He’s an egg stealer.
But just look at that face!
I forgive him <3

What’s Next for Missy Homemaker?

I’ve been contemplating this a lot lately. I really love this little blog. I love seeing the familiar faces pop up in the comments. I love hearing from people on my FB page and seeing you all like me on Twitter.

But I have a problem, and it’s a biggie.

I STILL don’t have internet.

Why on God’s green earth can we spend billions and trillions of dollars perfecting a spying system that can identify people in their backyards from space (What? Have you never seen Google Maps? I can practically read my license plate on there.) but we can’t seem to get reliable affordable internet two miles from a major interstate and 5.5 miles from the nearest town?
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A long overdue update

It seems in life, curveballs are one of the only reliable things. I’ve been thrown a couple of those in the last month which is one of the reasons that I’ve been so absent. There’s another reason too, and I’ll get to that.

I’ve been having some medical issues lately that involve a blistering rash reaction to sunlight, swelling of my legs and feet, joint pain, and a crushing fatigue.
It’s been a total bummer because I’m finally in my dream house, homesteading like I’ve wanted to do forever, and back in a place I LOVE <3.

I hadn’t wanted to go to the doctor, because…well…I just don’t like to. But, because my heart was also acting up (I have this thing where every so often my heart will do this weird thing with racing heart beat–like 120+ bpm when I’m just sitting still, skipped beats, and a really funky rhythm), I decided to go.
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