Oops! The Proverbial grilling mistakes that every first-time griller makes

Barbecue season; a time to fill the belly with juicy, tender steaks in a bid to satiate that ravenous appetite! While enjoying the pleasures of close company, great weather, and delicious refreshments to wash down a scrumptious meal

Then towards the end of the season, don’t forget to record  comments of friends on how much weight they’ve gained, and how the gym will be their new home in the coming days!

Well, let’s not divulge deeper into that. Instead, here’s an intriguing question; what makes a barbecue exemplary? While the food, of course!

Unfortunately, not all and sundry are blessed with the cooking prowess of the likes of Gordon Ramsey.

That being said, if one is looking to make a great barbecue, here are some common faux pas they should avoid.

Not letting the meat rest just after grilling

Everyone is hungry, and they are literally drooling as they await for the steak to make its way onto their plates.

That being said, if they’d like to have an unforgettable, finger-licking experience, they’re going to have to wait ten minutes longer.

That’s because cutting into the grilled steak immediately will result in all the palate-pleasing juices flowing right out; leaving one with a less-succulent steak.

The most ideal time frame is ten minutes; sufficient time for the juices to evenly distribute themselves on the meat.

That being said, no cookout is perfect without the ideal grilling equipment. If one happens to be grill hunting at the moment, then check out a list of the Best Electric Smoker 2017. There might be one in there that suits desired needs and specifications!

Cutting into the meat to determine whether it’s done

Big mistake. As one can expect, cutting into the meat half-way through the grilling will cause precious juices to flow out. Yep, it can be pretty fine for grilled vegetables; but when it comes to steak, no way.

That being said, after cooking is done, it’s vital that one knows how to cut into a steak the ideal way.

Skewering a large number of foods together with different cooking times

A common mistake that is practiced literally everywhere around the world. In fact, it’s the norm to see the likes of meat balls, cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions, all skewed together on a single stick.

Even though the end result might at times be delicious, more often than not, it is a pretty weird taste; quite awful to the palate.

That’s because having a skewer of foods with different cooking times is a big disaster.

So always make sure to have different skewers for different foods, and skew them separately. Then after skewing, take a different wooden skewer and place the cooked delicacies together for an enriching taste!

Pressing those burgers

Perhaps this misconception sprung up in the golden age of 70’s and ‘80s movies, whereby one would see the lead characters deeply engaged in dialogue, while one of them sub-consciously presses the burgers in front of the screen.

In fact, this is another huge mistake. By pressing the burgers, then say goodbye to all the delicious juices, because they are going straight through the grill into the fire.

So when it comes to smashing burgers on a grill, avoid it at all costs.