A Mother’s Letter to Jennifer Lawrence

Dear Miss Lawrence,

Recently it’s come to my attention that certain male children in my household think you’re ‘hot’.  One of my sons has been talking about you quite a bit lately, and the others weigh in with equal fervor and admiration.

As their mother, I have something to say about this and that something is: Thank you.

Thank you for being the kind of young woman that a mother isn’t worried about her teenage boys having a celebrity crush on.

Thank you for being a young woman not afraid to speak her mind in an industry that seems to want to make every young woman a size zero, dumbed-down, sexual object.

Thank you for supporting publicly what I’ve tried to instill in my sons…that a girl is more than her exterior…that she doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter model unwilling to think and act away from the crowd, that she can have a brain in her head, and that the man that supports her will be better off for it.

You, Miss Lawrence, have been VERY outspoken about body image in Hollywood. You declared that although you were told to lose weight for the role of Katniss, that you would not. (Read about that here.) You took up the torch for all the young girls who look up to those on the big screen, but you did so much more.

You are influencing boys to be more confident about their own body image and about how to support the girls in their lives too.

You’ve also given my boys a look at how wrong it is to call someone fat, how wrong it is to expect girls to look only a certain way, and how wrong it is to cut people down for not being “perfect”.

Again, I want to thank you Miss Lawrence for being such a positive influence in an industry that I personally find repulsive. And I want to thank you for being the kind of girl that I hope my sons do find some day.


Your future mother-in-law (at least in the eyes of one of my sons

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