What?? No internet?!

Today marks  two weeks that we’ve been on the homestead. More importantly, it marks two weeks that we’ve been without both internet and reliable data services on our cell phones.

Let me tell you…it sucks.

I thought I’d be down with driving into town (it’s only 6 miles to the library after all) a couple times a week to write and do any other online things that need to get done. Oh, naive one…how silly are you?


Going to town requires a few things I don’t necessarily enjoy doing such as…getting dressed and making myself presentable. It also requires planning as the library isn’t open 24/7 like my old internet was. Then there’s the issue of my computer not wanting to connect with the library internet once we’re there. Awesome.

So while I chastise the boys for being so down about not having any internet, inside I’m throwing my own little tantrum.


One would think with the technology available today, there would be reliable rural internet available. One would also think Sprint could get its head out of its behind and create a network that works like they say it does.

But alas, it’s not meant to be.

I did find a solution to the connection problem. I have to be sitting in the room with all the other computers while working on mine. So imagine me, sitting at a library computer open to one thing and my laptop open to WordPress. Nerd-dom fo’ sho.

Let me leave you with this today. We have the most amazing views.

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