Inspiration to decorate the living room

Sometimes we have very clear what kind of decor you want to achieve, such as colors, prints, furniture and accessories we would like to use, but do not know where to start.

In blog we want to help and that is why we have selected for you some tricks that will help you find the inspiration you need for your home. This time we look at the living room, whose purpose is to provide moments of relaxation and rest. To decorate it has been said!


The decoration of any corner of the house should reflect our personality and our tastes and interests. So we must pay close attention to every element, every piece of furniture, each add … And of course, also the colors that we will use.

In decoration, color psychology is very important to convey certain emotions and sensations. For example, in rooms like the kitchen where we need a lot of energy, you should go for bright, vivid colors. While in rooms intended for rest as in this case the living room, we should opt for clear and warm hues. You need to find a good building and design company for your dream home here building companies sydney is a good one for your desired dream home.

The off-white, bone or ivory, pale pink, sky blue, beige … A wide range of light colors that can be used to decorate the living room light and airy and win. While most cheerful colored accents can be achieved with the help of accessories such as cushions and carpets.

Another detail that you should consider is the sunlight, as important as the furniture and fittings. So we must choose large windows that let light pass with lighter shades. The light textures freshness help us win at home.

Order and distribution

Another important aspect you should also consider is the order and distribution of your living room. Ideally, this room is flexible, without obstacles that bother us and prevent the passage. That is, it is well organized living room furniture considering our possibilities to receive guests and make them feel at home.

If your room is square, a decorative solution is U-shaped distribution or placing two opposing sofas with a coffee table. While in rectangular rooms, nothing better than having a sofa chaise lounge. That is, an L-shaped living room.


Light is another very important aspect to consider. Experts recommend we put point lights to create a reading area, for example on both sides of the couch or near an armchair with floor lamps.

And when we watch TV, we recommend placing a desk lamp behind the sofa or chair where we sit, as well do less eyestrain while watching TV. However, in light of the table lamp does not bother us so much.

The detail that we consider is the furniture and accessories that will be used to put the final touch of style. ¿A lounge classic, romantic, vintage, rustic, modern …? Try to get some harmony in all your elements to achieve a balance of style.

To decorate the living room, a detail that should not be overlooked is that the sofa is the protagonist part of our room. In fact, according to Feng Shui, the location of this element is essential to achieve a warm and welcoming decor and get the energy to flow properly.

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