In Real Estate, Who You Learn From Makes A Difference

In many parts of the Western United States, when you check out the latest in real estate, you will hear about being ‘in the business’. This is largely because real estate remains a field where there are practices that are acceptable and lead directly to success in the field when applied correctly. If you are ‘in the business’, it is assumed that you know how to operate and provide your clients with the best possible experience.

So when it comes to making decisions about where you will get the necessary education to ensure that you have every advantage possible, it is a good idea to look at the track record of the schools that are out there.

Here are some things to look for in a school that provides real estate certification:

Best practices:

When you take academics and add experienced professionals and then put together a curriculum, you will normally find that the professionals are able to add value because they have a very good feel for best practices- or the best way of actually doing something.

Schools like Key Realty School, which have their roots in professionals that embraced academia fit into this category because they have created an environment that is based upon the real world and then leveraged the rules and regulations that someone needs to know into that world. The results speak for themselves in many cases with top performers citing their education at schools that are like this.

Don’t forget the don’ts:

One realtor wanted to start building a rental empire on the side of his business. His friends suggested that he talk down the sale of local homes so that he could lower the value of those sales until the price was attractive enough that he could purchase them himself and rent them out.

The problem with this strategy is that it isn’t acceptable behavior in any state. The realtor was lucky. After a couple of attempts, he was caught by other friends that asked him just what he was doing. He didn’t lose his license but he certainly learned what he should have learned in real estate school.

If you are working in luxury real estate or with upscale homes, it can be an unforgiving market if you make mistakes like this. So when you choose your school, take a look at the curriculum and be sure that it is complete enough to cover areas that you will want to avoid.

Finding a good real estate school can make a difference in your future real estate career. If you learn from those who use best practices as the way they do business, it will prepare you to work with any type of client in the field.

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