Impressive Household Uses for Mayonnaise

You may have heard of using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to clean your oven, but did you know the many different household uses for mayonnaise? There are loads! It may seem surprising, but this everyday condiment can actually work wonders on many areas of your home and even help to keep your skin and hair healthy and fresh.

Removing Sticky Products

There is nothing more frustrating than having to sit and scratch at some new makeup or your shiny new mug, because of the sticker residue underneath. It can often be a painful, time wasting process that sometimes doesn’t even get resolved. This is where mayonnaise comes in very handy. Place a scoop of mayonnaise onto a J-Cloth and rub it gently over the sticky area. Whilst the mayonnaise won’t eliminate all residue, it will certainly help to loosen the area and make it much easier for you to scratch off the remaining section.

Mayonnaise Moisturiser

It doesn’t seem like a nice product to put onto your skin, but if you have any itchy or dry areas then you should try applying some mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is a thick product that will help to add moisture to the dryer areas that will last for a while. You often find that many skincare products have added ingredients that can cause the skin to dry out, but mayonnaise is ideal for targeting the drier areas and working on them instantly. Just remember to wash it off properly, as it can be a little greasy if you apply too much!

Polish Silverware

After trying time and time again to clean your silverware with no streaks, you often find yourself giving up when the streaks reappear after 10 minutes. Using a polishing cloth, apply some mayonnaise to your silverware, rubbing it thoroughly into the material. You can also use mayonnaise for silver jewellery, as the ingredients in mayonnaise will help to remove the excess dirt and get your silver back to its shiny state.

Stop the Squeak

You may have tried applying all kinds of different products to your kitchen cupboard doors when they begin to squeak, but you probably noticed that none of the products seem to work very well. Squeaky hinges can be a very irritating issue, especially when you waste time and money on products that end up failing to work. By applying mayonnaise to your kitchen cupboard doors, you will slowly start to notice that the squeak fades away. The best thing about this tip is that the mayonnaise is much cheaper than any product you would buy in the shops, so you’re saving yourself some money too!

Shiny Stainless Steel

In order to make your kitchen appliances as squeaky clean as possible, you need to scrub them down with some mayonnaise. Mayonnaise will help to remove any residue or dirt that has built up on your stainless-steel appliances and will leave a fresh, shiny finish. You can then wipe the mayonnaise off with a dry J-Cloth or some kitchen roll and you’ll notice there are no streaks or marks left behind.

Remove Crayon Marks

Whether it’s in the playroom, living room or bedroom, the last thing you want to be greeted with after a long day, is a special greeting from your little ones drawn on the wall with crayon. Crayons are a waxy finish and therefore take forever to get off paint. Mayonnaise, however, works through the wax and helps to unstick the crayon from the surface. Applying mayonnaise to your affected areas will help to remove the crayons, without leaving any nasty marks behind on your beautiful bedroom walls!

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