How to Transform Your Home Into a Party Place for Your Kids

We all know how tough it is throwing a birthday party for the kids. They demand a ball pit, ice cream, and everything a child could ever wish for. However, the aspect I found the most difficult, is the fact that there are going to be much more kids in the house than usual. So here are a few steps on how to make your house child-friendly:

  1. Inform your party planner.
  • Make sure that they know it will be a children’s party. They have special chairs and tables for the little ones. You can also order fun hats and streamers, or maybe even… a mascot! You can also have your child’s party along with a pre-made theme. It would be convenient for you to hire for a party rather than doing everything on your own. If you have a backyard, make sure to assemble the gathering there. There is more space for the kids to run and less things to break. However, if you still think these little creatures will find out how to get into the house, continue to the following steps.
  1. Be wary of things that can break.
  • Plates, figurines, picture frames, or DVD players; make sure to keep them somewhere really high or better yet, keep them in a secured room and lock it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you decide on keeping them in plain sight, make sure you place them somewhere sturdy. Remember that kids may not be able to reach it but they can still bump into anything. Plastic wrap is very useful in times like these. You can wrap it around the edges of whatever is holding the fragile objects. Even if it is bumped into, the plastic wrap will keep it from falling.
  1. Check for things that can hurt the little fellas.
  • Edges, doors, sharp objects, and anything else you can think of, should be dealt with. If you’ve got any plastic noodles (the pool toys), rubber, Styrofoam, or any soft material you have at home, cut them into squares, or any desired shape you think would fit the table edges. Once you’ve got them, use a glue gun or double-sided tape to stick them to the edges of a table. So if ever they’re running around and happen to hit an edge, they’ll only feel a soft spot. Now for the doors, cabinets, or drawers that can crush their teeny fingers. Door stoppers are essential, but what about the drawers? Or when you want to close the doors? Easy, take the excess material from the shapes you just cut and stick them to the side of a drawer. That way if it were to close suddenly, it wouldn’t close completely because of the little stopper and the side. Saving those precious little fingers for future counting activities.

If there are other things you think haven’t been solved in this article, please tell me so we can make a better and safer home for the tiny lads and ladies.

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