How to Make Your Flat Feel Like Home

If you’re a new renter, or you’ve simply grown unhappy with the way your flat currently looks, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the entire design process. With renting a flat, it can be especially problematic if you feel like you don’t have as many design tools at your disposal as you would with a larger property. Of course, there’s really no reason to feel overwhelmed though, as there are plenty of simple little tricks that can turn any flat into a welcoming and exciting home. With that in mind, here’s a look at just a few of the many ways in which you can transform your flat into something more personal.

Know What You Want

Before you commit to a flat, it’s important to understand exactly what you want from your living space. For some people, cost is the only factor they take into consideration, but some properties are actually a better deal than their price tag would initially lead you to believe. For instance, if you have some design ideas already in mind for your living room area, then you might want to shop around for a flat that caters to your ideas. Since there’s a limit on how much renovating you can do to a flat after the fact, you’ll need to take these considerations into account before you make a commitment. It’s also worth mentioning that you shouldn’t be afraid to seek outside help either. For instance, sites like Walton Robinson can actually help you to find flats to rent in Newcastle, with all of your results filtered based on your concerns.

Don’t Be Afraid of Rugs

Rugs are a great tool for first-time renters who want to spruce their place up a little bit. Layering rugs together can be a cheap and effective way to make a room feel livelier and more inviting. If you’re in a smaller flat and want to make it feel bigger, try throwing some rugs around to create the illusion of space. When you start using rugs as an indicator for separate “rooms,” you’ll be surprised at how much of an impact it really makes.

Plants Are Your Friend

While not everyone is comfortable with having a roommate, getting a plant by your side can have a tremendous impact on not just the feel of your flat, but on your mental health as well. Studies have shown that taking care of plants has helped make people feel more positive throughout their door, and it offers a pleasant alternative to an otherwise drab area of your flat. If you’ve struggled to come up with ideas for an area of your flat, try throwing a plant there and seeing how it works out.

While these ideas won’t transform your flat overnight, at least they can give you a few basic ideas to keep in mind when you evolve the space yourself. It may seem like a lot of work at first, but over time you’ll find that all of your changes have made a real impact on not just the way your flat looks, but the way it feels too.

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