How to Get a Property Ready to Put on the Market

When you put your house on the market, it’s only natural to want to get the best possible price. However, a little more effort than just placing an ad and keeping your fingers crossed is required. A certain amount of planning will be needed, and you’ll also need to know how to best spruce up your home. When potential buyers come knocking at your door, you want to wow them immediately and have them reaching for their checkbooks. Selling your home can be stressful enough without having to wait weeks or even months for a buyer. Anything you can do to speed up the process has got to be worth the effort.

Start by Decluttering

Not only will this help with the selling process, but it will also be an advantage when it comes to moving to a new house as you’ll have fewer possessions to worry about. If you’ve never been much of a declutterer, now is the time to learn. It’s not going to be something you can do in an afternoon,and you’ll need to be ruthless. Try and detach yourself and not be too sentimental. Tackle one room at a time and don’t spend longer than a couple of hours at a time or you’ll quickly lose enthusiasm. You never know, you might enjoy the end result so much you become a regular declutterer.

Turn it Into a House Rather Than a Home

This next step is going to be difficult, but you’ll need to make an effort and try. You’ve probably been living in your home for a number of years, so it’s bound to be difficult to let go. The emotional tie has to be broken,and you need to look on your property as a product to be sold. Hopefully, it’s not going to be yours for much longer,and you’ll soon be handing over the key and moving on to pastures new. Time for you to pack away your personal photos, family mementos,and heirlooms. You’ll be saving time in the long run anyway. The aim of this is to allow potential buyers to focus on the property, rather than get distracted. They need to be able to picture their own possessions on the walls and in the room.

Top to Bottom Cleaning

It’s possible to hire the services of a move-out cleaning company for this part of the process, or you can save some money to put towards the redecorating of your new home. Before you invite anyone through the front door, your property will need a deep clean. That includes carpets, walls, windows,and ceilings. If you’ve already decluttered and packed away your personal items, this part of the process will be simpler. While you’re cleaning take a closer look at your décor. Are there spots that need retouching? Have you got some finishing touches that you still haven’t done? Not finishing a renovation project completely is a common fault, along with some of these mistakes. If some of your walls are brightly colored or you’ve got gaudy flowered wallpaper, a once over with some off-white paint will make your house feel quieter and be less offensive.

Don’t Forget the Garden

Sprucing up your house is bound to be your main priority, but don’t forget to spend some time on the backyard. If the weeds are knee high and the lawn looks like a paddock, potential buyers are going to be put off and go running for the door. Try and create a space where they can imagine themselves enjoying their morning coffee. If you’ve got the time and your budget allows, add some flowers to the front of the house and make a good first impression. If you’ve got an off-street parking area, then remove your car so any potential buyers will be able to appreciate the benefit of it when they arrive. A fresh lick of paint on the front door and polishing the door furniture will also make your house look more loved.

Get Rid of the Pet Smells

Not every prospective buyer who knocks on your door will be a dog or cat lover. You will be used to the wet dog smell that permanently lingers in any dog lover’s home. However, it’s not the best smell to welcome any visitors. Air your property as best you can and thoroughly clean carpets, furnishings and curtains. Don’t be tempted to go mad with the air freshener as this can put people off as well. If you can get a friend or neighbor to babysit your pets during a viewing even better. Those of you who still haven’t managed to kick the smoking habit into touch might want to give up the habit at least while indoors until your house sells.

Good Lighting is Key

Serious renovations are not necessary unless you are certain you can make a profit. However, there are plenty of smaller things you can do that will make a big difference. One of them is to maximize the feeling of space and light. If you’ve got heavy curtains on the windows, consider changing them for shutters, flat fabric blinds or wooden slats. If the lighting in your property is good, it will show it at its best as well as create an illusion of space. If, on a viewing day, the weather is gloomy, put in high-voltage light bulbs to make your house look cheery and bright.

When it comes to selling your property, it’s often best to make use of a real-estate agent. Invite at least three of them around to give you a valuation. Don’t be automatically swayed by the one that gives you the highest. Ask how and where they will be marketing your property and make sure you have a good rapport with them. It’s best to stick with one agent, at least in the beginning as this will keep them motivated to sell your property fast. If you’re not happy with the service,they’re giving them find another agent to work with.