Home Remodeling and Upgrading Ideas for the Summer Season

Upgrading a home for the summer season is the best way for a homeowner to breathe new life into his or her humble abode. Upgrades and remodels can both be simple and quick, but some large scale upgrades can greatly improve new or planned living spaces. Regardless of the available budget for home upgrades, there is an update available for every homeowner.

Porch or Deck Expansion
Enjoying the beautiful warm weather requires having an outdoor common area for families to spend time together. For homes without existing porches or decks, building one is a wonderful summer project that the family could conquer together. For smaller or outdated porches, a deck could be added on for more square footage. In addition, overhangs and roofs can be built for porches and decks. This helps to keep the family dry during summer thunderstorms.

Adding a Sun Room
Sun rooms are great common areas, giving the homeowner all of the sunshine and scenery of the outdoors, yet the dry, cool, bug free convenience of the indoors. Sun rooms are filled with windows that may be opened to allow fresh air to flow through. Sunroom builders customize additions based on the home size, available spots for addition, and lot size.

Replacing and Adding Windows
One of the best benefits to warm weather is being able to open all of the windows in the home and allowing both light and air to flow through the home freely. Windows should be updated and energy saving, sealing in cool air during the heat waves of the summer season. If a home has few windows, new windows could be built into the home to maximize natural lighting and air flow. However, windows should not be purchased used, especially if they are not energy efficient.

Upgrading a home during the warmer seasons breathes life into an older home, and helps to improve the home’s market value in the future. If it done all still you can try free pest inspection and can confirm if it required any work.  After all upgrades are complete and a fresh coat of paint is applied, the family will feel quite proud of their newly updated home. Many upgrades are able to be done by the homeowner, with the exception of room additions that require licensed builders. However, none of the upgrades would cost a family as much as moving into a home that offers desired amenities.

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