Getting Building Work Done On A Listed Property

The UK is full of listed properties, from beautiful terraced houses in central London, to sprawling country estates. These properties are full of original features and can be very attractive to potential buyers, making great homes for those who love historic styles. However, buildings that are listed have a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to having work done, and it’s important that the unique architectural features of the house be preserved. If you live in a listed property and want to get building work done, here are some things to think about.

Get planning permission

Whether you need planning permission will depend on the kind of building job that needs to be done. It’s important to find out if you need planning permission early in the process, as it can take time for it to be granted. The rules are different depending on whether your home is grade I or II listed, and can vary in different areas. It’s usually best to pick up the phone and speak to the council of your London borough to get some informal advice.

Some things you might need planning permission for include:

  • Extensions of all sizes
  • Removal of fencing or walls
  • Painting
  • Repairs
  • Addition of outbuildings

If in doubt, it’s always best to enquire with your local council. If you carry out work without planning permission on a listed building, then the council can insist that you reverse the works in future. Avoid this by always checking first.

Find a local builder

Finding a builder who is based in the local area has many advantages. Not only is it more likely you’ll get a friendly, personal service, but it’ll be more likely they’ve worked on properties of a similar style to yours. For example, if you live in an area such as Kensington or Chelsea, you’ll want a builder who has worked on Georgian homes, whereas those who live in the City area might live in a more modern listed building. Thomson Local is a good place to check for builders in the London area, and many of the builders on the site will have worked on historic and listed homes, so can show you a portfolio of their work on similar properties.

Do some research

Keeping the integrity of a listed building is important, and you’ll want to ensure any changes are in keeping with the time period. Do some research on design trends of the time, and try to keep the décor in a similar style.

Carrying out building work on listed properties can be a complex process, and that’s why it’s important to work with local builders who know all the rules and regulations. Living in London means you’ll enjoy a choice of historic properties with original features, which is aesthetically pleasing, but means you’ll have to work around them to keep up with rules and regulations. Be sure to check any planning regulations before the work begins, and find a builder who has the necessary experience.

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