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Four Ways to Care for Your Personal Watercraft

If you enjoy boating and taking part in other aquatic activities with the family, chances are that you own your own personal watercraft. You can avoid certain mechanical problems and make your watercraft last longer if you know how to care for it properly. Here are a few of the best ways to care for your personal watercraft.

Keep It Dry When Not in Use

One of the best ways to preserver your watercraft is to take it out of the water when you don’t plan to use it for a while. Moisture can promote algae and bacterial growth, which may compromise your equipment along with your health. Investing in a boat lift or a similar piece of equipment will allow you to keep your watercraft right next to the dock without it having to be in the water.

Regularly Clean

The body of your watercraft may get dirt and plant residue along with certain forms of pollution on it while you go for a ride. After you’ve finished with your fun for the day, you should clean the body of your equipment thoroughly. It’s especially important for you to wash the body in fresh water if you have taken it out in salty water.

Be Mindful of Fluid Levels

Just like a car, your personal watercraft is a motorized vehicle that requires certain fluids to run the way it should. A sufficient level of coolant in the engine is needed to keep it from overheating. Your oil should also be checked and changed regularly so that you can get as much use out of your watercraft as possible.

Store It Correctly During the Offseason

When the time comes to store your watercraft for a few months during the offseason, there are a few additional steps you’ll want to take to protect your equipment. Water should be drained from the engine and your gas tank should be completely full in order to keep condensation from ruining certain components. The battery should also be removed so that you can preserve its life longer. Watercraft can be kept on boat lifts, in storage units or in other safe areas, so you’ll want to pick the option that will work best for you in advance.

Following these tips can possibly save you from having to endure costly repairs or buy replacement watercraft. If you spend a little extra time to properly care for your equipment, your watercraft can provide endless amounts of fun for you and your family.

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