Enjoy Total Tool Box Mobility

Attempting to carry toolboxes filled with heavy tools can prove backbreaking. You now have the opportunity to invest in a mobile toolbox that is spacious and built to last.

Perfect When an All-Terrain Mobile Tool Box Is Beneficial

Why carry a ton of tools to your destination when you can roll them there in a sturdy mobile toolbox? The durable steel construction and powder coat surface ensure it will hold up to everyday use over the years. The large pneumatic tires can easily roll over all types of terrain with little trouble.

Perfect Gift for Automotive Repair Specialists or Racing Pit Crews

The Extreme Tools pit tool box is the perfect gift selection for your favorite automotive repair specialist or racing pit crew team member. It’s two environments that would benefit greatly from having the tools mobile enough to move from one location to another.

Plenty of Room for All Your Necessary Tools

The 75″W x 24″D x 47-3/8″H dimensions, seven drawers and two side compartment doors allow for plenty of room to stow away the most needed tools to get your job done. The tools can be locked up when you are done for the day for safekeeping.

Easy Maneuvering and Braking

The cart style design of the Extreme Tools pit tool box has wide tires and a comfortable handle to allow you to move the box right where it’s needed. he trustworthy braking system allows you feel comfortable it will stay put, even when fully loaded.

Mobile toolboxes are not made for professional mechanics only. You can get a lot of work done being able to move your tools from the garage to the driveway and back again. It’s one of the most innovative tool storage options available.